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Chicomecoatl by BluexXxRabbit2015 Chicomecoatl by BluexXxRabbit2015

I totally lost the psd to this so all you get to see is the flat color and finished background. This sucks. She’s aztec and is supposed to have Dia De Los Muertos facepaint. Uuugh. I really wanted to finish this. And yes, I know, Aztec with blonde hair. Sorry, I just really liked the idea of her having blonde hair. She’s still a character being developed. Her design might not be final but I am liking it so far. 

She’s also, if you couldn’t tell by the black robe, is also part of my Masters characters. This would be Master Chicomecoatl. I haven’t really developed her background yet but I do have her personality and role among the masters. You’ll get more detail on that later. Also, I cannot anatomy.

I had to change her skin due to some stuff that I wasn't comfortable posting. mainly because her skin is supposed to be completely grey due to being the closest to La Santa Muerte, the patron saint/guardian of the Masters. It was changed mainly because I was worried someone was going to complain that I was whitewashing a person of color but I will go back to the grey skin.

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May 7, 2017
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