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Dante Vs Sasuke Uchiha

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Vs is back with Season 2 baby!!!! I did a battle of Older Siblings so now these two young anti-hero younger siblings are going to start this new season!;


Dante, the Devil Hunter


Sasuke Uchiha of the Hidden Leaf

But put them together in a battle to the death... who will be victorious?


Battle of the Younger Siblings!


Dante – Capcom’s main demon hunter of Devil May Cry. Dante's life was always unusual since the very beginning. Born from the unholy union of a human mother and demon father, Dante and his twin brother Vergil had their first supernatural encounter at the age of eight. Their demonic father was known as Sparda who singlehandedly conquered the underworld and imprisoned its demon emperor, Mundus. After Sparda died, Mundus' minions sought out to take revenge by slaughtering his family, leaving Dante an orphan. With his mother gone and his brother assumed dead, Dante was left with only one option: to become the ultimate demon hunter and continue the cycle of vengeance, in style! With his skills and crazy arsenal, he opened a service shop known as Devil May Cry where he is hired to slay demons, for the right price that is. Despite the dangerous nature of his occupation, Dante always maintains a cocky yet carefree spirit when slaughtering the devils of the underworld. Thanks to his demonic heritage, Dante is durable and tough enough to beatdown the underworld's toughest demons. He’s faster then the human eye can see and can take multiple stabs to the chest and walk it off like nothing ever happened. Other than his crazy regenerative abilities he carries a surplus number of deadly weapons. His guns, Ebony and Ivory, specialize in long range shots and rapid-fire barrages, these hand canons are so powerful they can each obliterate demons in a single shot. His iconic broadsword Rebellion is a large, magical sword given to him by his father which can cut any demon down to size in the blink of an eye. He's also got a hold of his brother Vergil’s sword, Yamato, a katana which can cut through dimensions! Throughout his adventures, Dante also collected a wide collection of additional weaponry called Devil Arms, physical manifestations of powerful demons he has defeated. Gilgamesh is a pair of armored gauntlets that increase his striking power, letting him shatter huge monoliths with a lethal one-inch punch. With the backpack Lucifer, not the devil, Dante basically throws infinite lightsabers that explode on impact, Nevan an electric guitar which is literally electric, ice powered nunchucks, grenade launchers, shotguns, and my favorite Pandora which is a briefcase that can transform into 666 different weapons ranging from a giant beyblade to a flying turret gun. Weapons were not the only thing he’s acquired from demons, fighting abilities called Styles. Doppelganger Style he can duplicate himself, Trickster Style he can teleport instantly, Royalguard Style he becomes a nigh-impervious dreadnaught, and he can even slow down time with Quicksilver Style. But when Dante’s in a pitch and decides to get serious he enters the Devil Trigger, a transformation which taps into his demonic heritage to unleash his true devil form. Devil Trigger dramatically increases his strength, speed, healing power, and gives him the ability to fly. Dante is a walking, talking, crazy feat achieving machine; One time after getting impaled by four demons at once he pushed one so hard not only did it exploded, but at the same time dropped a ceiling fan on the other three, all while eating a slice of pizza! He’s run down the side of a building so fast he was caught on fire and was okay after, capable of taking out others just as overpowered as himself like his brother Vergil who is considered his equal and the demon emperor Mundus, stopped a colossal punch from the Savior a titanic monster without breaking a sweat, shrugged off bombardment by meteors, avenged his mother by defeating the demon lord Mundus in space, and encountered and fought Marvel heroes and villains like Ghost Rider, Dr. Strange, the Incredible Hulk, and the mad titan Thanos. So how does one beat this pizza eating, strawberry sundae loving, demon slayer son of Sparda? Dante tends to hold back on enemies until deemed worthy, possesses incredible bad luck, his cocky attitude sometimes gets the best of him, and he passed down Yamato to his nephew Nero in DMC4. But the main concern is that his regeneration takes longer if he’s drained.



Arkham- “You can still talk big after seeing THIS?”

[Morphs into a hideous tentacled beast]

Arkham- “I feel the devil's power overflowing my body! The power of Sparda!”

Dante- “Dude, my father wasn't so hideous. Can't you tell by looking at me?”

 (Music for Dante;… )


Sasuke Uchiha – anti-hero and rival of the Naruto series. Descended from Indra Otsutsuki, the Uchiha clan of the Hidden Leaf Village were a race of elites with powerful ocular abilities. Born as the youngest son of Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha, Sasuke lived an average life admiring his older brother Itachi who was a child prodigy, becoming leader of the Anbu Blacks Ops at 13. Sasuke one night coming home to find his entire clan dead in the streets and later found the dead bodies of his parents and standing over them was the one person he loved and admired the most was his older brother, Itachi Uchiha. Now an orphan and one of the last surviving members of the Uchiha clan, Sasuke vowed revenge by killing his older brother. He joined the ninja academy and passed everything with flying colors and was placed in Team 7 lead by Kakashi Hatake where he would meet his first friend and lifelong rival; Naruto Uzumaki. Sometime later Itachi returned to the village and Sasuke found him but failed, miserably. Becoming disillusioned believing he didn’t make any progress during his time with Team 7, Sasuke defected from the village to train under the snake criminal Orochimaru. Sasuke finally defeats his brother but afterwards he was taken and learned a terrible truth from a surviving member of the Uchiha clan who called himself Madara Uchiha. To simply explain this, the night the nine tailed fox attacked on the day of Naruto’s birth it was discovered the beast was under control of a powerful ninja in the Uchiha clan. The village leaders suspected the Uchiha clan, the Uchiha were placed under close surveillance by forcing all Uchiha to live in one section of the village. This mistrust and isolation from the rest of the village created feelings of ill-will amongst the Uchiha and a coup d'état was being planned and lead by guess who? Sasuke’s father. Itachi Uchiha was placed in the Anbu to spy on the Hokage, however, Itachi did not agree with the clans plans to believe the coup would only escalate into another Shinobi World War. So he turned double-agent providing the village leaders with information on the Uchiha's plans. Itachi was ultimately left with two options; allow the Uchiha to carry out their coup that would ultimately lead to the entire clan's extermination including Sasuke, or exterminate the clan before the coup took place by assassinating everyone himself and spare Sasuke’s life. Itachi went with option two to save his brother. After learning that the Leaf's leadership ordered his clan's death Sasuke becomes an international criminal to avenge his older brother. He later proves instrumental in ending the Fourth Great Shinobi War and after a final battle and settling things with Naruto, he renounced his intent and became a wandering ninja to protect the world his friend sought to protect from the shadows, just as his late brother protected the village from the shadows. Like his older brother, Sasuke was a gifted ninja in almost every aspect. His level of close combat excels the likes of Rock Lee and even the 4th Raikage, moving at speeds faster than human eye can see. Other than his clans signature Fireball jutsu Sasuke favors and mastered the element of Lightning Style techniques mainly the different variations of his iconic jutsu Chidori. While a powerful piercing close range attack, Sasuke uses the principles of Chidori to create several long-range jutsu’s like throwing lighting needles, extendable swords, scattershot streams, and even use lightning from storm clouds to vaporize an entire fortress with a single strike. He often channels his lightning chakra into his sword to increase its cutting power. While these powers make him formidable, his true strength lies in the ocular powers of the Uchiha clan’s mighty Sharingan. The Sharingan grants Sasuke abilities like see the chakra levels of others and distinguish their strength level, incredible clarity of perception and even mimic his opponents’ movements to a cellular level, copy almost any jutsu he sees with near-perfect accuracy, cast illusions and even hypnotism. After Itachi’s death his Sharingan powers evolve to a whole another level when he gains the Mangekyō Sharingan and after taking Itachi’s eyes gains the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. With these new eyes it grants him fluidity in his movements when fighting. With his left eye he can summon the black flames Amaterasu that are said to burn anything till there’s nothing left. He can shape the flames into a variety of forms for offensive or defensive purposes. With both his eyes Sasuke can use the Susanoo, a spectral warrior that protects him and acts on his behalf. His Susanoo employs a bow that can fire arrows at rapid speeds and that can, when needed, double as a shield. Though most of these arrows are made of the same chakra as Susanoo itself, Sasuke can also fashion arrows made from Amaterasu's flames or by channeling lightning. After receiving half of the Sage of the Six Paths chakra, Sasuke awakened a Rinnegan in his left eye. The Rinnegan is the most powerful eye on the planet, with it Sasuke can easily master any jutsu as well as all five chakra natures. Sasuke's Rinnegan grants him access to the Six Paths Techniques but has only been seen so far using the Preta Path to absorb chakra and the Deva Path to create Planetary Devastation, use Alimighty Push and Universal Pull. He can see invisible targets and can use Space Time Ninjutsu. He can perceive distortions in the flow of time, able to see events that happen as normal, although it is unknown if he can negate the effects on himself. Heavenly Hand Power allows him to instantly swap places of any two targets in a specific range and he can travel through dimensions! Sasuke is a powerful shinobi as he’s destroyed half a meteor literally single-handedly, defeated Deidara of the Akatsuki, held his own against and defeated the eight tailed Jinchuriki Killer Bee, defeated Danzo who possessed multiply Sharingan and their abilities, his Fire Style jutsu is powerful enough to beat Water Style jutsu’s, defeated a ninja who could summon storm winds that rivaled with Sasuke’s Susanoo, single handedly defeated a large group of Kekkei Genkai users without the use of his Sharingan or Rinnegan abilities, is the first Uchiha to gain an Eternal Mangekyo Sharigan since Madara, sealed away and defeat Kaguya Otsutsūki with Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, Kakashi Hatake and Obito Uchiha's help, graduated at the top of his class in the Academy, and despite losing his left arm is viewed as someone capable of taking the world on in a fight as well as having the strength to destroy the continent with Naruto. Sasuke is someone not to taken likely but he does have flaws. Despite having high amounts of Chakra, he does not have infinite stamina and can eventually run out of Chakra if he uses too much. Susanoo heavily depletes his Chakra and lifeforce, although aquiring the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan and Rinnegan has reduced the Chakra depletion and eliminated the lifeforce drain. His Rinnegan eyes can’t see targets through smoke and his illusions require eye contact.


"I hate a lot of things, and I don't particularly like anything. What I have is not a dream, because I will make it a reality. I'm going to restore my clan and kill a certain someone."

(Music for Sasuke Uchiha;… )



Who do you think will win?

Dante belongs to Capcom

Sasuke Uchiha belongs to Masashi Kishimoto


NEXT! My Weapon is my Partner! BlackStar & Tsubaki Vs Rex & Pyra;…

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Sasuke: Your reboot was atrocious. Even more so than my heel turn.
Dante: On that we can agree.
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Like Dante would have a problem with this guy.
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Now this is what I call kicking this season off with a bang. And this was actually one of the first matchups I ever did as a versus writer. In the end, I chose Dante as the overall winner. I think I could have provided a better explanation, but I still stand by my choice.
Kombat Zone: Dante vs Sasuke
(Sasuke enters the Devil May Cry shop. He looks around at the trophies, then frowns.)
SASUKE: Someone has a bit of an obsessive hobby.
(DANTE, fully armed with his sword Rebellion on his back, katana Yamato strapped to his hip, and his pistols Ebone and Ivory both holstered, walks directly behind Dante. He is adjusting his red overcoat.)
DANTE: Hey, show a little respect, kid. Getting all that stuff took more effort than you know.
SASUKE: Your efforts were probably wasted. If you’re so talented, why don’t you actually do something worthwhile?
(DANTE turns SASUKE around to face him.)
DANTE: Well, if you don’t see anything you like, turn around and leave. That way I won’t have to put up with your rude attitude.
SASUKE: I was just leaving, gramps.
(SASUKE starts walking away, but DANTE brings out his pistols and fires two shots behind SASUKE’S feet. SASUKE turns around and glares at DANTE.)
DANTE: Let that remind you not to come

Also, I read a fight written by :iconragazz: where Dante fought Naruto and won, and his explanation was very thorough and much better explained than mine. I'd recommend checking it out if you have not already, it's pretty good.
Dante vs Naruto Uzumaki - The Battle, Final!!!
Previously on Naruto Shippuden...

Time to wrap this up!

Sage Art: Super Tailed Beast Rasen-Shuriken!
A series of explosions took place, right in Dante's face. It lasted for several seconds, until it was time for the smoke to clear out...
Kurama: His demon mode ran out and then he took nine of those straight to the face. Surely he's in pieces now, isn't he?
Naruto was thinking the exact same thing, until he sensed something - a presence! It was a very terrifying presence. So dark, so evil, so... Pissed. It made Naruto shiver. A moment later, as the smoke was clearing out, he could confirm it with his own eyes. That presence was the Majin Form!

Naruto grit his teeth and pulled himself together as he went into full Tailed Beast Mode<

So yeah, for me, I'm rooting and betting Dante to win a 7/10 victory.
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i stand by the majority of things i said in the explanation, but the speed thing was a bit more iffy and more open for interpretation.  it was more like reaction speed vs the number of attacks over a tiny amount of time.
here's the thing - naruto can react and dodge a lightspeed attack, while dante cant attack at light speed. 
but dante has shown to be able to throw a massive amount of attacks over a short period of time that would make star platinum jealous, while naruto hasnt really shown that. So i concluded that naruto would most certainly be able to react and evade any single attack from dante, but once it would come to an all-out melee, he would be overwhelmed by the number of attacks.

many people think that speed is equally proportional. for example, if one character has shown lightning speeds, then he should be able to like throw a million of attacks in one second or so, but i really never see any characters do so, except few characters like the flash or superman, but those are ridiculously beyond lightning speeds. So, i simply do not think that speed is directly/equally proportional in all its forms (reaction/constant movement/short bursts/number of attacks).

so as i said, it depends on your interpretation.

as for saucegay vs dante, im not sure who would win. first of all, naruto vs dante is pretty close and could end differently in different circumstances. second, saucegay has a completely different set of abilities from nardo. while naruto is technically more powerful than saucegay, the uchiha has some abilities that would be a real pain in the ass for dante - like amaterasu, gejutsu, six paths abilities and a chibaku tensei could potentially bury him alive.
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You are as insightful as ever, good sir. Facebook Thumbs Up Icon 
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I'll be honest with you I did not know that was your first fight and I think it's pretty funny. But thank you for the links I'll check them out!
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Actually, it was my third fight. XD The two I did before my fight with Sasuke and Dante were Adroid 18 vs Starfire, and Guts vs Raiden.
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