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2p Canada x Reader. Get out

Some stupid shit I donno why I wrote this
Nudity maybe sexual themes?

You sat in the living room with Matt a rather tall man with heavy shoulders and strong arms that would hold you time and time again and God forbid if he ever used them on you.
Though...there were time and time again when the two of you fought it out yelling cursing at each other threatened each other sure he was bigger but you always stood up for yourself.
Sure not...all the time there were days when he would call you down shoot you without a gun.
Days where he made you feel special like you were everything that was good though it didn't last long since Matt was a man that liked to keep to himself most of the time.
The reasons why the two of you fought was usually because he would come home rather annoyed with something.
Poachers, Finding bodies of animals with bullet holes in them and Al...Al his brother who would always show up and make him so so mad.
And you would try to give him some relief but he would snap at you.
And then when he would make you feel bad over something you snap at him.
But he never would hit you or you hit him unless he did try to, why start a fist fight? He would only won I mean this man fought back Moose and all that.

The two of you sat watching TV some sort of comedy that you wanted to watch since nothing else was on Matt lay down his feet on your lap, not that you minded cause you do the same now and again you both were just comfortable that way.
He just came back from working out in the woods and he was well....iffy and ready to snap when he got the chance and..well you were waiting for it.
Why did you even stay?
Well...because you loved him ya ya I know the whole I'll stay cause I love him and..,he might love me back thing.
But he did love you, he was always SO over protective of you when it came to anyone who tried to do anything to you, there was a time when you got into a fight with someone bigger they punched you and Matt was on him before you could react.
Hell he even makes you breakfast cuddle with you cause you were just so cute and he was just an angry man.

You started to laugh at something that happened on the show and Matt just grunt finding it not as funny as you did.

"Ah come on Matt it wasn't that bad" You giggled leaning back smiling at him.
"I'm not like you, I don't laugh at the stupidest thing's"
"Ah, and that's why it's funny" You stated
"So does that make you stupid then?"

You shot him a glare and puffed your cheeks your (e/c) eyes squinting at him he just ignored your angry glare as he kept his eyes glued to the TV.

"I'm kinda getting tired of that Matt"
"Tired of what being dumb?" He looked at you an eye brows raised asking if you were about to challenge him.
"Aw come on don't give me this shit Mattie! I'm not dumb just..easily amused is all"
"Don't you call me Mattie (name)" He hissed at the nickname GOD did he hate it.
"But Mmmaaaattie"

He grunt and kicked you off the couch a small chuckle leaving his lips but soon stopped when you hit the coffee table and knocked his beer down.

"Are you fucking kidding me" He sat up picking up the spilled content.
"You gonna ask me if I'm alright and say hey (name) sorry for being dick" You stood up.
"Well if you weren't being a little shit and just did what I fucking asked!"
"I was only fucking with you ya didn't have to kick me off of the couch and then get worried over spilled mi...uh beer!"
"It's cry over spilled milk not worry"
"Who the fuck care's?" You threw your hands up accidentally hitting the beer out of his hands that he JUST picked him.
"CHRIST woman watch what your doing your like a train wreck!"

Then the two of you got into each others face's and yelled him picking up his voice and shooting you down.

"I'm getting read tired of your fucking shit Matthew! It's either ohh you fucked up or ooohhh your a piece OF SHIT, what about you? Your not perfect either your just big man that hides behind his sun glasses who's always tired and bitching well guess what your just afraid of being over powered and shot down cause of how you grew up alone and forgotten!"
"Get out" He growled at you and looked at the door shoving you forward.

You knew he wanted you to leave you nodded grabbed your shoes and bolted it of there once outside you put them on hearing the door slam from behind you.
You shivered as you only wore your (f/c) Hoodie it was in the middle of February and it was cold quickly you follow along the path hands in pockets trying to keep them warm the best you could. Once the house was out of sight you started to cry.
What for? Why for him? He always made you feel bad and you always....made him feel like a fool.
But that was how it was....
Though he never kicked you out before out of your own home..well it was his home as well and you actually had no where too go at the moment.
You sniffed and shivered running the back of your hand against your eyes and cheeks.
Good lord you hated this, living out in the woods miles away from the city cause apparently the two of you thought it was a great idea to live so far away from the noisy people.
You chuckled a little..You needed a car honestly but the only thing you had was Matt's truck and you doubt he would of let you take it.
Hell you should of gotten your coat cause this was dumb.

"What a dumb fight" You muttered bringing your shoulders up to protect your neck from the harsh cold.

You heard the sound of another pair of feet crunching on the snow.
You looked behind you and saw Matt with Kuma the polar bear pet. Matt took notice of you looking at him and started to walk faster towards you.
Growling you made a run for it into the snowy woods and God did you run fast..why? You didn't know you just felt the need to run like an Italian running from danger.
You heard him shout not sticking around to hear what it was or what he wanted you just went pushing past dead bushes and snow flying by trees with out a damn care in the world.

Adios Matt.

You pushed through a camp of a few people why are they camping it is cold, you wanted to ask them but you couldn't stop now.
There was a frozen lake before you, run across that and maybe you can slow down take a five second break from running for no reason.
No...No there was a reason.
You were afraid of Matt afraid of what he'll say or do, afraid to be caught by a man like him and then start crying and then fight again
Maybe those were also foolish reasons but that's just how you felt.
You went across the river the ice cracking under you but you didn't turn back and if you did you'll just fall through the ice.
Just as you got to the other side the ice broke from under you causing your lower half to sink and freeze you held onto the land shivering violently as the water ran past you and against you, you slid down a little more your chest now cold and wet.
Struggling to get up you did you brought one leg up onto the ice and pushed up then crawled onto land shaking violently.
now you were wet and cold you could just stop see what he has to say and then go.
But you just couldn't bring yourself to do this.
Sometimes you have to let the man chase you rather then you chase the man.

"Shit fuck it's cold" You hissed.

You turned to see Matt and Kuma, then you disappeared into the woods once more.
Maybe this chase has gone on for a little to long you don't even know why he's chasing you maybe to put you down for what you said?
God only knows.
You walked now to cold to run slowly you just stopped walking suddenly not having the motive to run or anything you were just to cold.
Oh good news you might die out here.

"Where's the good news in that?" You muttered sitting yourself down against an oak tree arms crossed over your chest trying to keep warm.

You weren't sure how long you sat there you closed your eyes mumbling to yourself.

You heard heavy breathing before something big sat down beside down you rubbing against you, cracking your eyes open you looked to see what it was.
Kuma, huh wonder how he got across with out getting wet, no wait never mind his legs were wet.

"Hey big buddy" You breathed leaning on him,

The reply you got was him making his loud bear sounds..kinda like he was yelling.

"Christ" You looked up to see Matt his tired eyes staring down at you.

he picked you up, of course you struggled a little but then you stopped when he wouldn't put you down.
Feeling his body heat you started shivering again your body trying to keep warm but it was just failing.

You closed your eyes breathing heavily feeling every move he made..though he just walked.

                                    ~Short time skip~

Matt hurried inside the cabin placing you down in front of the fire place stripping you of your wet clothing so now you lay there naked by a warm fire...or that what it was meant to  be but all you felt was the cold.
Matt ran up the stairs grabbing a few thick wool blankets and a towel before coming down, he put the blankets aside drying you off the best he could kissing the side of your head now and again, he took off his shirt got the blankets covering you both up him holding you close as possible giving you as much heat as he could.
he felt you shiver and sighed in relief it was a start and sign that you were starting to warm up, he kissed you're cold shoulders bringing on of his legs over you.

"Maple leaf?" He whispered to you.
"Hm? Wh-what is it Matt" You forced out.

He was quiet for a moment he either sets his pride aside or you sit there being mad at him for the next forever that's the only reason why you do run is when your pissed off with him and want nothing to do with him at that moment.
Placing his lips by your ear he whispered a soft I'm sorry then blew into your ear causing you to jolt and smack your own ear.
Matt chuckled.

"It's......" You were quiet.. he did come chasing you even though you ran like an Italian he brought you back and currently trying to warm you up.
"It's fine Matt" You glanced over at him.

The two of you got quiet you now warm but you didn't say anything until he moved.

"I'm still cold" You said quickly enjoying the cuddle way to much.

He smirked laying you onto your back getting on top of you.

"I know how to fix that" He kissed your neck and trailed down.

well let's just say you surely did warm up and it took ALL night~

Sorry if it's not the best i was just sitting there like
I'm so sorry.

i don't own hetalia you or Matt.
I do own the plot

tell me what ya think yeaheyeah
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