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Raptor Red: Happy Ending

Done for an English project I did with ~Blairaptor
We had to make a ballad and we based it off the book Raptor Red by Robert T. Bakker.
The video is on YouTube~ [link]
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Oh yes :clap: this book needs more love, the copy I found in our High school library was a bit battered up, but it is a good tale, so much easier to grasp and stomach than Jurassic Park (I don't like dinos eating people). I think the scene where RR was making what could had been her last stand was just amazing and it is good that she finally got a happy ending. She deserved it.

Brilliant raptor adults and the chicks are adorable.
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It totally does. And yea, I def agree that it's an easier read than JP. Thanks! I remember working on this sooo late at night/early in the morning XD I'm glad they all turned out alright in the end.
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In a ways JP is good because the animals do act in their normal context, but it just doesn' that they go after humans. I know accidents can happen, a simple misstep, and all of that, but it just takes away the context of what these dinosaurs did and kind of proves why humans and dinosaurs could not had lived together.

But I like things that are real. Like these movies I was watching, Planet Dinosaur and Walking with Dinosaurs. Those videos I enjoy even with dinosaurs killing and eating each other because in a ways it is natural. The animals are eating their natural prey and thus that is okay. But when it's a human...I'm surprised I made it through the Lost World movie...

I do like the scene in JP novel The Lost World where a velociraptor is eating a chocolate bar, that was funny.

It is interesting however. In JP, the velociraptor was one of the big baddies. But in Raptor Red they were mentioned as being of not much concern. Instead it was the slightly older cousin the deinonychus which was the major problem (at least in the end). The acros were a big pain, but they were kind of few and far in between.
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I'm much more a fan of the more educational sort of films, I enjoy learning how the dinosaurs could've possibly reacted together. But JP has a special place in my heart because it was a part of my childhood.

Ah, I actually know why the raptors were so major in JP. Crichton obviously made the raptors a big deal to begin with but I don't think he did as much research on them as required. Like, he knew the idea of raptors and so enhanced it a bit, you know, artistic license and all that jazz. So when they were making the movie, more thought was put into it, and people were trying to figure out how to fix the problem that the velociraptors/deinonychus we knew about were maybe 3 ft tall max. Then utah raptors were discovered, coincidentally, while the movie was being produced. And so they based the JP raptors off of those, of course they were still referred to as velociraptors so that became the general public's first image that came to mind when hearing of the name, since the discovery was still so new. 

I think what propelled the raptor's image was it's stealth and intelligence. That's what scares humans psychologically. Something as smart as us, communicative, hunting in packs, it could be watching you and you'd never know. Plus the claws, one bite/slash won't put you out of your misery, you're still alive while being eaten. T-rex sort of dinos are big and scary, but it doesn't give the same paranoia, and it's over pretty quickly if you get caught. 

It doesn't have the same push in a purely dinosaur world, where they're not intelligent enough to get that paranoia or they're so used to it that it's just daily life. It's not unknown, so it's impact isn't as major.
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It would be nice if they were a little closer to the truth with some of the species, like how Spino and T.rex never lived in the same area. On Planet Dinosaur there was a more even match up. It was awesome seeing the Spinosaurus be a boxer. I also grown to like learning how some predators established a dominance display, they chomp each other on the nose.

But Bakker did a decent job, though this time raptors weren't quite as well known. I heard that Critchton mistaken them for a recently discovered cousin for Utahraptor. But it's funny when you realize that those raptors are really supposed to be small. But that doesn't make them less deadly.

Dinos aren't claw or bite once, depending on the species they inflict several bits in quick goes. A lot of them have some power behind their bites and claws...I guess Jurassic World might be better.

I love the colors on the chicks, but it does leave you some unanswered questions. Like what happened to her sister [I call her Spazzle from her spaz attacks]'s mate since she obviously had a mate to have the chicks, there is the fact of how a lone raptor adult kept three chicks alive. Raptor Red was alone and struggled, I bet having three chicks was not easy when you're alone.
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How amazingly sweet :):):):)
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Look at the babies how cute aaaaahhhh dfjdl;dkl;sl;sdfl;fsdm <3
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