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Rock On Scootaloo

Newbie Artist Training Grounds III - Day 12 Draw a pony putting on a play/Draw a pony performing.

Man, this one almost stumped me for a little bit. I thought DJ Pon-3 or Octavia would be to obvious. I was going to do Fiddlesticks, but after three tries where I couldn't get her pose right AT ALL, I almost did Trixie. Went with one of the 80s rock style CMC's instead. Sketch Card size with copic makers and colored pencils.
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And now i need a new idea :P Great work i like it a lot
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Very nice.  I drew 80s CMC for this theme last year, I love those costumes.
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I did Trixie :p
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Dang, you work fast. The earliest I've gotten it in is 10 hours before it was due.
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The ATG thing happens right when I get home from work, so I usually work on it before bed because it's the only time I have to work on it.  Maybe if I ever get a day off (yeah right, lol!!!) I'll do a larger picture or something.  I'll at least have Labor Day off on Monday so maybe for the one that happens that Sunday Night I'll try and spend some time and do a larger more involved thing because I can spend some time working on it during the day.
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Can't say you aren't dedicated! I was finding the time to work on it after 10-12 hour days last year. Glad I stuck to it. Keep it up!
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Oh man, tell me about it.  I got out of a 12 hour day today, but I'm going to be stuck working 12s for the rest of the week.  I might have to go colored pencil sketch style instead of full out pencil/ink/maker because when I do ink, I let it dry for an hour to lessen the streaking when I erase and to try and make it so the makers won't pick up wet ink when I color and I wont have that hour of ink dry time to spare if I work a 12 hour day.  (been on 10s before now)
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When I did it with pencil, I was happy to get as far as a pencil sketch most of the time. The fact that you've put so much work into each day (esp after such long shifts) is pretty cool.
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