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Prince of Lies

For Newbie Artist Training Grounds III - Day 7 Draw a pony laying down/Draw a pony lying

Man, I had a whole mess of trouble with this one. First it took me a little whole to get an idea. Then the "Gold" colored pencil didn't lay down (ha) on the sketch card very good.. then it scanned even worse.. Having Blueblood being dramatic on Rarity's couch was the idea, then I realized I drew him sitting instead of laying.. so I decided to have him "lying", and then it was going to be him making fun of Rarity while Rarity WAS off to the side looking angry but I had a hard time with that part of it too.. so I cut her out and called it good. I work a lot of hours during the day, so I really only have a couple hours at night to work on these, and I hit my limit with this one. Hopefully the next one goes smoother.

It's on 2/3rds of a sketch card becasue I gave up on the other 1/3rd, colored pencils mostly with Bluebloods hair in sharpie.
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He's like the male Rarity, but with a shabbier couch.
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In the future... He's going To be a Lyin' King!
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So, I assume he's going to sit on throne of lies?
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But first he's going to be a lyin' prince! Once he reclines, that is.
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