Jayie-The-Hufflepuff favorited my comic, I can die in peace now

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Yeah I would have the same reaction XD
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Oh wow, have I really not favorited any of the earlier pages? I didn’t realize this was the first time. I found your comic somewhat recently, but I’ve read all of what you’ve posted so far, and I really like it. :D Spookypaw is precious (also that’s a great name), I like the kits, and I really like your art and especially how you do lineart and shading. ^^ It’s also nice to get a ShadowClan perspective. Thanks for the mention. :D

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I think you have, but I didn't remember and it was like "whoa, Jayie liked it" and that put a smile in my face xD Thank you for your feedback, I always see you commenting in people's works giving really good feedback and advices and I wanted to thank you for that labor - not many people will take the time to type a detailed review of a comic page, and you know artists love getting comments! <3
Spooks is getting her warrior name soonish and the kits are, well, doing kit stuff like trying to escape the nursery. Thank you for your kind words<3
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Gotcha. :D Aw, thank you, I always love giving more detailed comments, they're my favorite to recieve and I love talking about the plot and look of comics so it's just fun to write them and share theories and thoughts about the stories I'm reading. :D

I can't wait to see what her name is, Spooky's a great prefix so it'll be really cool to see what it gets paired with. :D