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Crystalback hedgehog

Crystalback hedgehogs belong to Arka in World Anvil, and you can read about them here:… You should totally give World Anvil a look, it's a wonderful website for worldbuilding and its community is pure love.

Arka asked me to sketch one of his species, crystalbacks, and I thought I'd upload it here too. Give him some love.

The crystalback hedgehog is very similar to the common hedgehog but can grow as large as a capybara or a pig.
Crystalback particularity lies in the spines on its back. Larger than normal hedgehog ones and made of crystal clear powerstone, they don't break easily and are shed multiple times over the crystalback lifespan in a process called quilling.
When a crystalback is under heavy stress or has to defend himself or its offsprings, it can release a deadly magic burst from its back where the crystals are. This defense mechanism often causes the crystal spines to shred or break, crystals are then sent as projectiles toward the threat in a magic burst with high velocity creating a killing blow. [...]
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It's so goddamn adorable aaa

I want one at my home DD:
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I'll send you one for your late birthday :D (congrats btw)
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Y A S 

(thenks <w<)
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