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A ShadowClan Tale: Shadowstar's Story - 23

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I SWEAR I LIVE. And the comic lives. More or less. I promise. This is going somewhere. Hey, look, I finished chapter 1.

Darkclaw does shady things.

Featured characters: Darkclaw.

Time taken: ~3 days
Tools: Paint Tool SAI, Medibang, Huion 1060Pro
WARRIORS (c) Erin Hunter
Art (c) BlueWildfire9
Adapted story belongs to me. The individual plots it came from, as well as the characters that are not mine, belong to their rightful owners.

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Mírala cómo finje que no sabe de qué va todo.

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Ahora empieza la parte diver
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deputy cop breakin' the law
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And ooooo Darkclaw whatchu doing?

Also does Thistlestar treat the kits like they are his since they might very well be?
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Well what do you think she's doing? :3

And... Thistle isn't really in touch with the kits. He's still weary of them and too busy being a leader or so he says
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