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Wooops. Heya! I'm Blue! Feel free to talk to me :3 There are cookies at your left.

I love WA (gif) by WorldAnvil I create worlds with WorldAnvil by WorldAnvil WA user by WorldAnvil

Commission journal:…

General notes

  • PayPal is preferred (hence why point prices are higher).
  • If you choose to pay with points, wait until I have created a widget for you.
  • You can choose to pay when ordering or once you get your commission's sketch. I will not finish a commission without full payment.
  • Excessive complexity may result in a price raise - this will be notified to you before accepting the order.
  • Be patient. I have a life, but when I accept a commission, I will finish it or give you a full refund.
  • You can ask for a full refund before I start working on the final version. If I already have, you may have a partial refund depending on the time already spent on the commission. 
  • You may change your commission type before I start working on the final version, with the appropiate partial refund/price raise.
  • First come, first serve.
  • I won't draw sexual art, but middle level gore is alright.
  • Every extra character is +70% the price of the first.
  • Former customers get a 20% discount over the whole of the commission.

  • I reserve the right to decline an order and provide the appropiate refund.
  • Speedpaints are an extra 10€/1100Points. Due to copyright fun crap, I might not be able to use the desired songs. In the case my recording program borks, I will provide a full refund of the speedpaint part of the price.
  • Comment any doubts you have!
  • To order, comment in this journal with the following template:
Commission type:
Payment method:
Character reference(s):
Additional details (pose, important details, scene context if needed):
(Optional) For scenes, share a bit of the story?:
Speedpaint? If so, song(s):
  • I will reply with the price and stuff.

Cats or cat-based creatures


Coloured sketch (base draft can be shown or hidden) - 3€/400Points

Dewpaw - Com by BlueWildfire9

Coloured lineart - 4€/500Points 

Dandelionkit - Com by BlueWildfire9

Coloured shaded lineart - 6€/700Points

Nightmare Maalik - Com by BlueWildfire9
(old art!)


Coloured sketch - 4€/500Points

Tundrawind - Com by BlueWildfire9Random VIII - CTK (gift) by BlueWildfire9 Verti by BlueWildfire9Verti by BlueWildfire9

Coloured lineart - 7€/800Points

Wavepelt - Com by BlueWildfire9Kitten - Com by BlueWildfire9Debug by BlueWildfire9Hanhula by BlueWildfire9

Coloured shaded lineart -10€/1200Points

Pandora - Com by BlueWildfire9Springsong and Moon - Com by BlueWildfire9
(old art!)

Scenes (all include a fullbody with color, lineart and shading)

Basic or blurred background - ~12€/1400Points

Complex background - ~20€/2100Points (final price depends on level of complexity)

Hawkflight and Lightningear - Com by BlueWildfire9
(just ignore those trees - I promise I do them better now xD)

Other fantasy creatures and original species

Note: Prices on fantasy creatures are variable and there is a chance I decline the commission if it's too complex for me to be able to promise a quality result. The following prices are general guidelines. For original species, you must be the creator or have their permission.

Basic designs


Coloured sketch - ~4€/500Points 
Coloured lineart - ~5€/600Points  
Coloured, shaded lineart - ~7€/800Points 


Coloured sketch - ~5€/600Points 

Crystalback hedgehog by BlueWildfire9
(but with color)

Coloured lineart - ~7€/800Points 

Dreagan II - Comm by BlueWildfire9Dreagan I - Comm by BlueWildfire9

Coloured, lineart, shaded - ~10€/1100Points 

(no examples yet - check the cat ones)

Scenes (all include a fullbody with color, lineart and shading)

Basic or blurred background - ~15€/1600Points 

See above

Complex background - ~20€/2100Points 

See above

Complex designs


Coloured sketch - ~10€/1100Points 
Coloured lineart - ~12€/1300Points 
Coloured, shaded lineart - ~15€/1600Points 


Coloured sketch - ~15€/1600Points 
Coloured lineart - ~20€/2100Points 
Coloured, shaded lineart - ~30€/3100Points 

Beholder ~ 30-6-18 by BlueWildfire9

Scenes (all include a fullbody with color, lineart and shading)

Basic or blurred background - ~35€/3600Points 

See above

Complex background - ~40€/4100Points 

See above


Some juggerpuppers!
Hello! It's been a while, hasn't it? I've been busy with college and real life stuff, but the art hasn't really stopped. Here you have some of my work of the last months: juggerpuppers! 

What is Jugger?
Jugger is a fun and competitive team-based sport. Two teams compete to win possession of the jugg/skull (the game ball). One player on each team, called the Qwik, is allowed to carry the jugg and score points. Meanwhile their teammates wield pompfen (foam padded sports equipment) and attempt to tag opponents and protect their Qwik. When tagged, a player must kneel out of action for a short penalty count before rejoining the game. A point is scored when a Qwik carries the jugg to their opponent’s goal at the opposite end of the field.
After each point is scored, the field is reset. The team with the most points at the end of the match is declared the winner.
(Source: [adapted])

Jugger is an alternative sport, popular specially in Germany and Spain (where I live). The pompfers shown above are, in order from left to right and up to down: q-tip, runner/qwicker, kette, longsword, runner/qwicker, shield, runner/qwicker, shield. Other legal pompfens not shown are dual short swords and stab/staff. All these weapons belong to the "sport" variation of jugger, played in my area.

Some time ago I kinda joined a jugger team (kinda, because i'm not officially in) called Fauces de Fenrir ("Fenrir's Fangs"), whose mascot is obviously a wolf, and one day I sketched the first picture, which is the captain as a wolf with his q-tip. After that, I was asked to make juggerpuppers for the other members of the team, and some other people requested their own juggerpuppers as well. This is only the first batch, with Fauces' members and external requesters mixed. One of them is myself, can you find me? ;)

I've also practicing wolves and was thinking on adding them to my commissions. Would you be interested on that?
15 deviations
I'm designing some adorable things for some friends but I can't share yet as I don't know if they know my social media and it needs to be a surprise. Rip
I made a sword
And also a shield. These are for playing jugger and I'm so proud of my new babies I wanted to show them off.
A ShadowClan Tale: Shadowstar's Story - 22
« Previous | Beggining | Next »

And this chapter is almost done now! Just so you know, this was a "how much foreshadowing can Blue have in one page?" page >:3. Do you like it? Any questions? You know I LOVE getting comments!

The patrol cats go out without Darkclaw, apparently. The kids want to join the party but mom catches them before they can..

Featured characters: Foxfang (brown tom), Thistlestar (dark gray tabby tom), Deerstep (spotted golden she-cat), background voices, Shadowkit (dark gray tabby she-kit), Finchkit (light gray tabby she-kit), Waterfall (light gray she-cat).

A huge thank you to my supporters at my Patreon (who got this page a week earlier!) and specially to my Leader World Anvil, whose amazing worldbuilding tool for authors, RPG gamemasters and artists you should definitely check out.

Time taken: ~3 days
Tools: Paint Tool SAI, Medibang, Huion 1060Pro
WARRIORS (c) Erin Hunter
Art (c) BlueWildfire9
Adapted story belongs to me. The individual plots it came from, as well as the characters that are not mine, belong to their rightful owners.

Discord serverAsk the CharactersPatreon | Ko-fi


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