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desire demon /PLEASE DO NOT REPOST/


please don't repost it anywhere else!!

i'm not sure whether it's genderbend or there are male desire demons?
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Delicious. I like that he's not too 'anatomy lesson' muscled.
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there aren't but there should be! I mean heck, there's androphilic mages goin' on, why do the desire demons seem stuck in a heteronormative mindset?

(there's a mod for DAO for a male desire demon, and bless the person who made it)
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i don't really have anything against the original design (i actually quite like it),
but from the first moment i saw a desire demon, though, it was really weird that all the other demons looke like - well - demons,
and this particular demon look like a naked woman. i thought maybe the designer/concept artist have some kind of a problem with women? maybe they afraid that a woman will steal all their stuff and their very soul?
it's just really weird to me. and since there are no reasonable explanation for the naked woman design i thought there would be no harm to have the naked man design
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I think mostly it has to do with 'Desire', i.e. Lust, being very much sexual to a Puritanical mind (and Americans are Puritanical down at our roots). How else would one personify Desire than as whatever the viewer finds desirable in a person, after all? It's just that, this being a game, what that means was entirely limited by who was designing the game, so they designed the Lust/Desire demon as looking like what they thought fulfilled that message, and our society is dominated by the straight male gaze, so Desire/Lust demon got titties. I don't think it's any more or less misogynist than that, certainly it's not down to one individual's ideas or problems, since the designs were done and approved by more than one person.

Personally I think the other demons should look more like people, but then again people don't have as firm an idea of what those urges look like. The Desire demon is clearly modelled on Incubus/Succubus lines.
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yeah i get the whole for 'the straight male gaze only' thing, 
i guess for some reason i expected better from the designers (silly me i know) since desire demons don't offer themselves, but money, power, something like that in exchange for your body
and the naked woman touching herself while speaking to the player is a bit ... i don't know .. poor taste? too lazy? too obvious?

i would have no question if all the demons look like different people,
but there is only one we can say: that's definetely a woman although they tried to make her look demonic so she can blend in,
didn't try hard enough if you ask me
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Personally I'm ok with it, because I don't see how they could have designed her any other way. Most people still want money and power offered to them by someone attractive (if you doubt me, look up the psychological manipulation used in advertising); and considering all the other ways BioWare did right with the Dragon Age games (gay characters! trans characters! women in powerful positions! avoidance of common triggers for the most part!), having a naked lady somewhere in the game, one time, isn't all that terrible. All the other women in the game are dressed normally, there's very little boob armour, etc etc. So all that considered, I'm not gonna be like 'tut tut Bioware, I expected better of you' because... frankly, no I didn't, I know what video games are like.

While I would have been interested in demon designs that all looked as people-like as Desire/Lust, I also appreciate the old-fashioned symbolism they used for them (for example, a bear is actually traditionally associated with sloth, in Christian mythology), and I'm a bit relieved that they aren't more people-like, because that would open them up for more upsetting stereotyping. Mostly I just interpret the visual design of the demons as being an example used by the game designers, since demons don't have a solid form and their appearance is, therefore, all down to perception. I mean, I'm not afraid of spiders, yet the fear demons in Dragon Age are always spiders. I just take this as an example of 'these critters turn into your worst fear', and use it as a symbol of fear, rather than interpreting it as 'oh my PC is supposed to literally have arachnophobia even though I don't'.
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well i guess we have to agree to disagree then
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In Inquisition Dorian does refer to a desire demon he met as "he"... so there definitely are male-representing ones out there! I'm fairly certain they're capable of looking exactly like their target's desires.
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this is the first one I have ever seen!
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Ooooh this is awesome lol
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There is if you consider the one Dorian encountered to look like this
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Well the description said they can take the whatever shape their victem desires most so I imagine this is accurate.
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I love this idea so much! (And your work is fantastic!!)
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Sy but I don't like the idea, next there will be boobs in a Pride Demon.
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i drew it for my own entertainment, not yours
so i don't really care what you think to be honest
This would certainly have a higher chance of tempting me with anything, I'll admit.
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Why can't these be real?  Lol it's never said that they don't exist actually.  It's just said that no one has SEEN a male desire demon.  It's possible that they could exist closer to the black city where a lot of demons avoid in general.  Which, by the way, I hope in Inquisition we get to see the Black City!  That would be so cool!
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Andraste's tits, this shuold be in the game :iconnosebleedingplz:
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Well, the male-equivalent of a Succubus is an Incubus. I don't think there are any in the game, though.
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Beautiful! Go gender equality! 
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