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Published: July 20, 2011
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Joshua Graham from FNV Honest Hearts

surprisingly i kinda grew fond of the character :I

please don't repost it anywhere else!!
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Wagatha-the-PootisHobbyist Traditional Artist
Even though i'm late to the party, I still want to say something. I really love everything about this piece, the colors blend so well together. I also love how you made Joshua look so calm, yet a little mysterious at the same time. The anatomy looks great, and the eyes are really mesmerizing. Long story short, you took one of my favorite Fallout characters and made him look so cool! Great job, also i'm sorry if this comment may seem a little weird, but I just really love this!
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Hnnnn... his eyes tho

Such a good pic.. Nod 
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sockdaemonHobbyist General Artist
He's seriously a badass character. A very frightening one too. I really thought he was well written and developed.
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JacabHobbyist General Artist
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cryosyntheticHobbyist General Artist
I made an incredibly loud, unattractive "HUUUEEEEUUHHH" sound when I saw this.

It's fantastic, and I love it. sdlghduftyh
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Lethal-Fate117Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Why is this not downloadable!?!
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neondahlHobbyist Artist
Is it at all weird this drawing gets me hot?
michaelgamer7's avatar
No, not at all.

Matter of fact, I am stragh, and have no problem saying, I'd hit that.
PunkGotADeathWish's avatar
Nice! I like the style in which you drew him. He looks kinda like the spy from TF2
PointDarklight's avatar
PointDarklightHobbyist Artist
Atheists get the Monster of the East. Christians? We get the fucking Burned Man!
0-xcheekymonkeyx-0's avatar
I love honest hearts dlc and Joshua Graham is my fav character :D
Catgirl4404's avatar
After researching to see if I should get the Honest Hearts add-on, I have now officially fallen "fangril" over one Mr.Joshua Graham .... :heart:
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partingwatersHobbyist Digital Artist
like what you did with his eyes
Sabishii106's avatar
I love you Mr. Graham~ :O
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rabbitcourageHobbyist General Artist
This is a particularly wonderful illustration of Joshua Graham! I love your use of light, and the contrast between the left and right sides. The firelight and Joshua's far-away look are perfect for the mood.
hohoho79521's avatar
this is amazing!
everything looks so real... he bandages, his eyes and the way the sun reflects off them...
greattt work!:D
BOBSYERUNCLE11Student Writer

*whimpers, makes grabby hands*

oh god want so bad
xstopxthexbleedingx's avatar
xstopxthexbleedingxHobbyist Artist
This is gorgeous! I love Joshua, he's easily my favorite character in all of FNV. This picture has to be the best one of him I've seen yet, you've really captured how introspective he is and the calm before the storm, so to speak. I love it!
BOBSYERUNCLE11Student Writer
He has a hypnotic quality to him.
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CaptainPhantomHobbyist General Artist
I don't comment often but I had to comment on this picture, its so perfect in so many ways. This has to be one of my favorite pieces of all time, and I am completely serious.
Darthvoorhees13's avatar
This was one of the most well written characters I've seen in a game. And no doubt my favorite in New Vegas.
Whiskei's avatar
WhiskeiHobbyist Artist
Damn. Now I wanna play this game. Is it like a PC game? Action?
ThreeCats-ina-Cellar's avatar
ThreeCats-ina-CellarHobbyist General Artist
Oh wow. The very first thing I noticed when I saw this was the hands... and freaking good they looked. I am jealous. ANYWAY.

:heart: I love Joshua Graham. His voice is like earsex.
BitchPantsMcCrabby's avatar
Oh that's gorgeous... I love the colours and the light reflecting off his eyes. The pose is great too, lik he's totally ready for whatever he's about to do.
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