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Berserex by BlueWaveStudios Berserex :iconbluewavestudios:BlueWaveStudios 3 14 PLATO-DIALOG by BlueWaveStudios PLATO-DIALOG :iconbluewavestudios:BlueWaveStudios 5 30 First screenshot by BlueWaveStudios First screenshot :iconbluewavestudios:BlueWaveStudios 5 33 Karurina - Guildmaster by BlueWaveStudios Karurina - Guildmaster :iconbluewavestudios:BlueWaveStudios 2 9 Surthur - Tania Sketch by BlueWaveStudios Surthur - Tania Sketch :iconbluewavestudios:BlueWaveStudios 4 14 Kazuri - Cantine BG Concept by BlueWaveStudios Kazuri - Cantine BG Concept :iconbluewavestudios:BlueWaveStudios 2 11
Demo Script
"Fear not. The mighty gods have awoken from their imprisoning slumber. The supremacy of man in this land has, at last, come to an end."
--Malaam IV
(Badass god waking up image is shown on the screen as intro)
(screen fades to black.. Silence. then , dialogue starts)
(appears a dialogue cutscene, in some sort of... cantine of the guild. The song "overworld" starts on the background)
Sab: Oh yeah. Mmmmm... delicious. Fish cubes.
Roy: No way dude. We've been eating the same shit for a month. You know, I am hungry, but I'M NOT EATING THIS!! *manga crying face LOL*
Sab: You talk too much. Are you gonna eat it?
Roy: ...
Roy: No. ( *sigh* LOL)
Sab: "Ta-daaa".. umm.. Yummy!
Roy: *grossed out face*
(music stops)
Soldier: Roy Parang. Tania Darrow. The guildmaster is calling for you.
Roy: This is the crappy part of being in a guild.
Sab: umm...What?
Roy: Wish me good luck.
Sab: Oh yeah. And bring some fish cubes with you.
(Sab is a recurring character we might use late
:iconbluewavestudios:BlueWaveStudios 0 9
Surthur - Mutant Machine by BlueWaveStudios Surthur - Mutant Machine :iconbluewavestudios:BlueWaveStudios 4 5 Surthur-Desert by BlueWaveStudios Surthur-Desert :iconbluewavestudios:BlueWaveStudios 8 20 Sagatt - Leon by BlueWaveStudios Sagatt - Leon :iconbluewavestudios:BlueWaveStudios 11 16 Mecomar-Imperial by BlueWaveStudios Mecomar-Imperial :iconbluewavestudios:BlueWaveStudios 40 20 Ryo Sketch Collection by BlueWaveStudios Ryo Sketch Collection :iconbluewavestudios:BlueWaveStudios 12 15 very rough storyboard 4 intro by BlueWaveStudios very rough storyboard 4 intro :iconbluewavestudios:BlueWaveStudios 2 27 NightmareGK13 - Drakke concept by BlueWaveStudios NightmareGK13 - Drakke concept :iconbluewavestudios:BlueWaveStudios 49 50 Kevin lineart - by Sagatt by BlueWaveStudios Kevin lineart - by Sagatt :iconbluewavestudios:BlueWaveStudios 7 20 Main Menu - Luis-Felipe by BlueWaveStudios Main Menu - Luis-Felipe :iconbluewavestudios:BlueWaveStudios 1 7

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good news and bad news =)

first, the bad news  : John decided to work only for constructive money and projects next to university
(he did some nice soundtracks once again mmhh yummy)
and I am myself into my commercial comic and (commercial) gameproject atm so there is barely free time for something like a whole noncommercial rpg. we want to earn some food XD

I still want to see this baby come to life , but without some dedicated organized coders and a bigger crew of professional artists,
we do not see a good massive rpg for no commercial gain to come soon.

now the good news :

I will look around when my commercial project is getting into the second step ( = I have all basic concepts, copyrights, and fundraisers together), and then I will hire DA talents for money, future and fortune P:

there are some nifty ideas that I never have seen in that form in any strategic rpg yet

so keep up polishing your skills guys =)

We did not forget you

for now , this studio is in hiatus.


Who are we? What are we doing here?

BlueWave Studios is a group of non-profit artists, right now developing the game Märchen.

Märchen is a single player RPG project, ambienced in a fantastic/steampunk universe.

Are you interested in joining?
Send us a note!


(OST pack at… )……………………

Composed and arranged by John Revoredo

(not active now)


8/12/08 -

Directing a project without any money makes things slower, and demands a thousand times the effort of a regular commercial project. I can't go on with this project and my own life , that's why I quit from directing, to remain ONLY as CODER.

From now on, Surthur will direct the project, and will likely be the one managing this account.


7/2/08 -

Here is the first to do list.
This is what we do need to release a first footage video.

-Bluewave logo (DONE)
-Title Screen
-Main menu
-Cantine BG (DONE)
-Cantine BG  + lightfx (DONE)
-Colored bust-shot of Roy
-Colored bust-shot of Plato/Sab (DONE)
-Conversation-box (DONE)
-Code (DONE)



:iconsurthur: Surthur - concept art, landscapes, sprites and in-game art.

:iconjohnrandolph: John Randolph  - Music, co-script writer, programmer.

(New staff members are yet to be determined)




  • Listening to: OST
  • Reading: instructions, to do lists
  • Watching: time passing by too fast
  • Drinking: Green Tea


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boom-soft Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2010

I have a offer for you!I'm a game programmer and i attend to enter the competition.It will be a 2D platform game type wich will be avaible on PC and PSP.I've a advanced programmer but not so good at spriting and I really want to win.If the game wins the first prize we will get 1000$,2nd 500$ and 3rd 250.If you help me and the game wins the 1,2 or 3rd place(and here hope we go on trust)I give you half of the winning price.

We will work on've just purchased the domain so i will develop the website better).

What i need:
Game menu interface

Waiting a reply from you.Have a nice day!
elfione Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2009
hey guys!hows it going?Berserex looks cool!
mkornatka Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2009
Hi you guys!
When the game is comming, huh? :)

We are waiting for game like forever :P

cheers! :)
BlueWaveStudios Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2009
we are sorry. The founder of the game is very busy with studies, and I struggle to find a job to pay my food and apartment, we are truely sorry we cannot afford time at the moment :(
mkornatka Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2009
and with who i speaking now? :)
Juan? Surthur?


BlueWaveStudios Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2009
surthur, juan will not return as it seems. when I find time for the project I will show him and we will see if he can still do something in his freetime, but for now its not the case
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