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Donatello WIP

By BlueUndine
Finally drawing again! I'm going through the biggest art block I've ever had because life just turns into dog poop sometimes and all you can do is take one day at a time. But today I managed to get something done and it felt amazing! I got reading glasses last week and for the first time in my life I've been drawing for hours and my eyes don't hurt one bit, yay :D

So just posting a little work in progress (hoping that I won't sleep off the spark :P) and maybe I can have it coloured and scanned sometime tomorrow :)
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May 14, 2013 2:13:34 PM +02:00
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Ashe-Ravi-Fox's avatar
i always love your inks so much
BlueUndine's avatar
Strifehart78's avatar
It's looking amazing! It brings back so many memories!
Very clean line work, I wish mine could be that clean(my hand shakes too much :()
BlueUndine's avatar
Thank you! I actually tend to hold my breath every time the pen touches the paper so my hand won't shake :P
Strifehart78's avatar
oh thats interesting, I'll try that out with my next drawing :D
Yukyona-G-R's avatar
WOW this is awesome! :0 i have a question:

what material you use to inking??? it look amazing! n.n

great job!

...and art block is horrible
BlueUndine's avatar
Thank you so much! I use Pilot drawing pens [link]
AK-Is-Harmless's avatar
Looking good! :D

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AK-Is-Harmless's avatar
You're welcome. :)

Chao-One's avatar
Those inks are looking superb as always. Hopefully you'll be back in full swing.
BlueUndine's avatar
Thanks! I really hope so too :D
a50srebel's avatar
great line work!
klankey's avatar
Those are some fine lines! Are you using a fine brush?
BlueUndine's avatar
Thank you :D I use Pilot drawing pens [link]
Chalaya's avatar
It's so good to see you drawing again! Looking forward to seeing this piece finished! :)
BlueUndine's avatar
Thank you! So am I :D
Chalaya's avatar
You're welcome! I've missed seeing your pieces so much. Your art has been one of my biggest inspirations since I've joined DA! :)
BlueUndine's avatar
Aww, that makes me so happy :hug: It's an honour to be able to inspire others :bow:
Chalaya's avatar
Well, I'm sure I'm not the only one! :)
HolyLancer9's avatar
Wow. Really fantastic line work! Looks great!

Plus, I've always loved TMNT anyway....Nice job!!
BlueUndine's avatar
Thank you so much :D
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