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:iconbluetyphoon17:BlueTyphoon17 posted a status
One of the games that was highly praised by many fans and still is to day is Sonic Adventure, Sonic's first main 3D entry released in 1998 (after a few bumps in the road) and the best-selling game on the Sega's last home console, the Dreamcast. Now even though this game is nearly 17 years old, I, myself, have never had any experience with Sonic Adventure until a few years ago. I delved in and out of the game every once in a while. Do I think this game has held up in this day and age? As the incompetent Mephiles the Dark says, "The answer is yes and no."

Amy and Gamma's levels are middle of the road for me. Amy's playstyle works for the most part, I find it a bit on the tedious side. On the bright side, she only has three stages, and her Hedgehog Hammer minigame isn't too bad. If they made her running speed a little faster, then I'd probably put her in the same league as the main trio. I found Gamma's shooting stages more tolerable than Amy, but they definitely could use more fleshing out. The levels are way too short, and his bosses are all  pathetically easy. And finally, there is Big the Cat. Oh, boy, where do I begin? Oh, right. WHY AM I FISHING IN A SONIC GAME?!  Well, apparently, Sega wanted to promote some kind of fishing peripheral for the Dreamcast, and that's how this playstyle came to be. While that's something I can respect, they seriously couldn't make this an optional minigame or something? I'd still be bored out of my skull, but at least it'd be optional, but no. It's required to beat Big's adventure in order to unlock the last story, but if you take Big out of the equation, the story would still be intact. These levels serve NO purpose in this game. It's filler, plain and simple. Overall, Big's fishing levels are my low point of the game. They're about as amusing as fishing in real life, and that's my bottom line.

Negatives over, onto positive.

Whenever I talk about Sonic Adventure being a fun game, most of the time, I'm referring to the classic trio: Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. To me, they're the highlight of the game as a whole, as they do a excellent job of taking their playstyles from the Genesis games and emulating them in the 3D world. Sonic still has his trademark high-speed platforming, Tails can still "Fly High" to reach areas that Sonic couldn't and can sometimes take some nifty shortcuts as a result, and Knuckles is still about exploring for goodies. However, as great as these guys are, even they are sometimes hampered by a few of the game's technical problems. For one, the camera. Whether it be free or auto mode, the camera is AWFUL. And two, the game can be a bit glitchy at times, because there were some moments when scripted sequences didn't work properly, as well as clipping issues that often resulted in me falling to my death. Thankfully, these don't happen nearly as frequently as 06 or Rise of Lyric. Well, in my playthroughs, anyways. I don't want to speak for anyone else.

Overall, for the first-ever mainstream 3D Sonic game, it's definitely aged in some areas, but with top-of-the-line gameplay, fluent controls (IMO the best 3D Sonic controls), and a ROCKIN' soundtrack, I still think Sonic Adventure (well, half of it) is a pretty fun game. Right after Heroes, Colors, and Generations, it's one of my favorite 3D Sonic games of all time.

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