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Thrones of Friendship

Damn this was difficult to do ^^;
The thrones of the mane six inside princess Twilight Sparkle castle
From MLP FiM S4E26: Twilight's Kingdom (part 2)


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With six thrones in this room, and an extra one for Spike, it reminds me of the end of series premier of Justice League, when the League is founded by the seven main heroes.
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You read my mind perfectly!!
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Meanwhile, at the Hall of Friendship!
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AWESOME! This will be perfect to let me concentrate to draw inside the castle, to get all the bases right!! :D:D:D:D:D:D
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You know it would be awesome if the center of the room rose up to become a round table, like in the King Arthur tale.

As the animatics for the Season 5 premiere show...that is going to happen.
(And the table will feature a VERY cool holographic map of Equestria, too.)
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Amazing!  Very well done!  :+fav:
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love that Spike has a chair too
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You did an awesome job!
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Damn this was difficult to do 
Tell me about it.…
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oh damn I didn't know you made 1 ^^
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Which is also the Council of Friendship.
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