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  Img 21042017 231523 0 by PopplioPrince THIS WAS FUCKING WRONG. this is in fact personal info being put out in the public and this is illegal. there a reason why she made the journal too because my friend refuse to take down her. as far as i know my friend didn't go as far getting someone personal info. Miwxe here did in fact did somehow got my friend personal info and this is fucking illegal. Your now lower then trash by doing this only scum let out other people personally info and you know what happen to people like that do such thing? they go to jail. YOU ARE PUTTING MY FRIEND IN DANGER BY DOING THIS!! I'm sorry for those that see this and is friend with the person but you need to understand this was really fucking wrong for the user to do and putting another user in danger by letting out such info. i refuse to take down this journal until she take down her and apologize for letting out personal info. there better way handle things then let out personal info like this because by doing this you are in fact putting a person in danger and if something would to happen to the user it will be your fault. (i change it from the journal since my friend post a blackout version please understand i want to keep her safe from any harm)

Edit 1: so i was also link of this of a user trying to help her and explain to her what she shouldn't be doing and such.  Comment Chain by Apricotthevixen now from what i can understand the user was calm and explaining what she shouldn't be doing regardless she used real money to buy the line. now this was something my friend was going about when she made the journal and why it was wrong. i agree what the user been trying to tell her and try to help her from getting into more trouble. i have in fact also try to help her as well and explain what she was doing wrong and also remind her she was ban evasion and it was breaking the rule. now i'm not sure if you guys want to see the notes but for now i will keep them to myself. now for those saying "no she not doing anything wrong just leave her alone" um ok but you do know she is doing something wrong if she has a history and still continuing to keep doing them. now to also to add up putting out personal info on another user on da which again you can't say she not doing anything wrong if she going far to do that. rater you like it out not she is harassing a user and putting out personal info.

Edit 2: so she made this journal just now over my friend second journal.   she show she don't care of a person safety due to the fact she let our my friend personal info. wow ok but how would you fucking feel if someone did the same shit to you by letting out your personal info. what you are doing is fucking wrong and illegal as well as putting someone in danger. please report her because she is in fact putting my friend in danger it may not have her address but the info she put out is still enough to put my friend in danger. you be damn surprise how much people can go by with just the right amout of info regardless if it has the address or not. i also want to point out that in the journal SHE IS BLACKMAILING MY FRIEND LIKE WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?! ALL THIS OVER A FUCKING JOURNAL?!?! i'm just so done right now i hope you guys realize this is pretty fuck up shit here. (the journal was taken down but my point still stand)

edit 3: i want to link a rant someone made on the person please check out the journal to understand the whole thing and how all this happen and please support my friend :iconpopplioprince: and report the user that is doing harm to My friend here. now here the journal rant here please check it out and support it as well <da:thumb id="676364566"/>

Edit 4: i'm going to share my friend journal since i want to add something here.   this journal is my friend the person dox. we also have info how she got the personal info. regardless where it came from we can't take any more chances with Miwxa aka Nikki. Nikki will make more account to hide please be on the look out and if you find her please report her right away. my friend journal will be some place you will find the link to nikki account. currently her account is know as xaskmiwax. i refuse to link it or mention it so you will have to look it up yourself. please understand what the person has done was very unforgivable. she put a person life and there family in danger for posting such personal info there was. like i said before regardless there was no address on it there was still enough info to put my friend life and there family in danger. 
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I see it lol
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