Shop Forum More Submit  Join Login this user has a history on here. She has actually let out person info on here not very long ago on account that is now banned. she has return believing she can come back and do whatever she want. here a journal that got info on her  This has gone long enough :support PopplioPrince:   THIS WAS FUCKING WRONG. this is in fact personal info being put out in the public and this is illegal. there a reason why she made the journal too because my friend refuse to take down her. as far as i know my friend didn't go as far getting someone personal info. Miwxe here did in fact did somehow got my friend personal info and this is fucking illegal. Your now lower then trash by doing this only scum let out other people personally info and you know what happen to people like that do such thing? they go to jail. YOU ARE PUTTING MY FRIEND IN DANGER BY DOING THIS!! I'm sorry for those that see this and is friend with the person but you need to understand this was really fucking wrong for the user to do and putting another user in danger by letting out such info. i refuse to take down this journal until she take down her and apologize for letting out personal info. there better way handle things then let out personal in  again please becareful and report her she also know to keep trying to come back by making account. if you find more account made by her please report them. the reason of her coming back is because since my friend account is banned at the moment she had told me she want to come back  Youtube Chat by BluethornWolf yes she called my friend and me a hoe but it don't really bug us. she has also made pointless video over my friend as well and have try to contact him on skype but he blocked it and remove it soon he try. geez you don't seem to understand you put him and his family in danger by letting out personal info. everyone got pissed when this happen can you really blame them? i would be pissed to if that happen to me and my family was put in such danger. again you read my comment it not hard to tell i was still piss about my friend personal info was put out there on da. i do not plan on forgiving this person ever i do hope she pay for her crimes as well. if she try to do commission do not buy them at all reason being is also link in the journal i linked. i will keep you guys update about my friend da account issue and such.

edit: her new account again please report her and becareful do not make contact or talk to her just report her.…
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May 6, 2017


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