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This is just a random journal but i thought why not. so i do have a favor shipping when it come to my character so why not i show my personal favor .w.
1.  Commission 1 by Chicu-lilla LoganxRegan is actually one of my personal favor. I just feel these two fit well together and i know my friend been trying to get a fan child of them which i do look forward to see it happen.
2. Commission by shark-daddy Flare Blitzx Coffee Hearts This is actually a yuri shipping that i actually enjoy doing with my same friend. to be honesty at first i didn't really want ti ship Flare Blitz but as i seen this picture and talking to my friend it grew on me and i love it. i even love the fan child we now have. I enjoy having these two together X3
3.  Birthday party (gift) by Haunted-dark-Umbreon  Draculxshanty Now if you wondering who dracul he pretty much a character i have not really show to the world yet since i was unsure at the time of keeping him. would you know it i end up loving him and my friend as well. maybe someday i will post his picture what he look like but as of for now i have him in my now the shipping is just a fun thing me and my friend shanty have really so not very much to say plus this is the only picture show them together ;w;
4.  Sanity and moonight kissing by xxlianastarfoxx sanityxmoonight this was actually fun to do. for me really i didn't really see sanity being with someone since i wanna stay true to his character. Shocking i do keep that but at the same time i wanna to ship him with moonight which i love them being together. they even have a fan child which i did do it. i'm still got plan for sanity in the future but i'm also going to keep shipping these too X3
5.  RustyXFiona shipping by BluethornWolf RustyxFiona Now this was only a joke at first but i end up actually shipping them due to a friend of mine. now i do plan on drawing my version of Fiona for the shipping now explaining why i ship them is a little hard for me right now so if anything i do plan on updating to explaining this better.

6.   Happy Birthday Dez (Dez x Clash) by TheDarkDragonWolf DezxClash now this is not just due to my bf but to me even if we was not together anymore i still see this shipping so fitting to me and i would still ship them no matter what. this would be my main shipping really. there others i do ship dez with for shit and giggle but this would have to be one of my favor shipping for dez out there.

i do have other but most of them don't have a picture yet so i can't really tell anything about them but if they ever do get a shipping picture i shall show it when ever i can. as of right now that all guys enjoy this random journal i do for no reason .w. *totally was not bored*
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Yus owo
Turbothehedgehog1 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2016
funny and cute :)
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July 21, 2016


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