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I wanna to do another one of bio journal for a character that is in
this one is another adoption i got from :iconyuseifudobanana: 
I never got around to do much with her due to working on her bio
now i finally have one for her and I hope you guys like it.
Jade the dragoness by BluethornWolf

Name: Jade the dragoness
Specie: Dragon
Gender: Female
RS: single
Age: 19
Family: Mom (Deceased), Dad (Deceased), Jeweler (pet jewel chao)
Alignment: Good
Power:Green fire
weapon: A jade sword
Like: Jades, her chao, explore new area, Jewelry that is well done,pull tricks on people, singing
Dislike: small room, dark,seeing her chao hurt, spider
Bio: Her mother and father love her very much and always looks at her as there little baby girl.
she meant so much to them and just seeing her smile fill them with joy. as time went on her father was part a military for the sky team.
he was one of the best flyer and he had to leave for a war that was going to happen.
As months pass the war was over but her father die in battle while trying to save one of his fellow.
she was only 8 when that happen but both her and her mother knew he was a great man doing what was right.
Jade believe while he maybe gone his good deeds will not be forgotten.
By the time Jade turn 16 she was in high school and on day she had to rush out to see her mother.
she had a very bad fall as she was too old now luckily the fall didn't kill her. jade knew she will not have much time left in her life.
Her thought was not wrong when she turn 17 she has finish up he school by working extra hard in school.
One day she learn her mother was dying of old age so she wanna to give the best of the rest of her mother remaining life.
her mother was very proud and happy she went through all the trouble she did for her and she told her that her father would be so proud of her.
before her mother die for old age she was gift with a jewel 
Peridot chao egg for everything she did for her.
soon it was time to say good bye and before she pass away she sang her a song that her mother sing to her when she was very young.
Her mother was really happy to her her daughter voice singing the same song.
She had a smile on her face as she pass away seeing that made her feel she done so much for her and is happy that her mother die with a warm smile.
as time went on the chao egg hatch and it was a 
Peridot jewel chao and she name her Jeweler.
she feel this was the very last thing her mother gave her before she die so she wouldn't be alone anymore.
she always feel her mother and father will always be with her and jeweler was that symbols of love they have for her.

That all i have for her i was thinking for a while what kind of story. while it not the best ever made but it what i thought up for her. :'3
I hope this is pretty ok really i may make some improvement over time for now i'm happy .w.

here is a picture of jade chao Jeweler
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TravistheDragon00 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
She looks amazing! X3
BluethornWolf Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Yep that she does that why i adopted her .w.
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Submitted on
November 29, 2016