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Note: Do not attack the person that is mention in this journal at all.

Explaining by BluethornWolf
so i was explaining to a friend on here about close species and since i own few close specie of my own i know a little bit about it. now here i was explaining she couldn't close species Chupacabra due to many reason.
1. there already existing Chupacabra sonic characters that been around 2010 before hers.
2. They're a Mexican myth which you can't copyright them aka close species them.
3. quite a few Chupacabra characters out there in some community.

regardless she change some style of a normal Chupacabra she still can't close species them no matter what. now unless she change the name for them she could. now as for the Trigoxes since her own specie she made up she can close them. now not many people know how close species works. I mainly learn them slowly by actually own some and i blame my friend for getting me into them. people has actually made thing to explain how they work and such. now what i was doing what explaining to her she couldn't close species chupacabra due to they exist in quite a few community and as i was trying help her so she wouldn't get into trouble and i get block. i actually thought she was a ok person but i think all it happen she overreact to what i said. now please understand no i'm not mad at her or anything i truly believe she just overreact what i said and such. i may not know everything about close species but i do know somethings can't be close under few reason. i would recommend looking up more to understand how close specie works and if you look around some groups that runs these things like example: Soulfox,Star Sweet,Klaodysin,cloupuffs and more it may also help you out to understand Close species a bit more that including owning one and having some friends who also own one and know quite a lot about close species also help greatly to understand how it works. now i feel like i'm going to see my good friend of mine comment on this which i feel like she may explain close species better then i can for now that all. 
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nullmanic Featured By Owner May 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
IDK what's going on since the original post was deleted but a sketch i made when i was 18 was mentioned so... Hi.
BluethornWolf Featured By Owner Edited May 26, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
she took it down and reupload it to remove all my comment when i was explaining she couldn't close specie Chupacabra since already few people made character and such and things went down hill from there. sadly from what i seen she trying trying to close them when she can't.
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Submitted on
May 17, 2017