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kepukitsune Semi Open species by BluethornWolf kepukitsune Semi Open species by BluethornWolf
I have become the new owner of this specie as i felt they was sitting in the dark i do have plans for these guys and hope you guys enjoy what i have plan for them.

Arrow left Rules:Arrow right  (yes ik everyone hates rules, but read them)
Your a loud to make your own >w< 
Just make sure to send it to me for approval so there is no repetitive/stolen designs ;w; 
Please talk to me about adopts.
Do not copy summon elses design onto them >_>

Rose Bullet - F2U! LoreRose Bullet - F2U! 
These creatures, are born from magic. They are created from capes that have been abandoned in time. Some are forgotten in a closet, but others are from other areas that they have been forgotten (I.E. Plains, ocean, desserts) They don't like to go very far from the place they were forgotten just in case their owner has come back. Their capes are their lives. They can be removed but only for a short time. If the capes have been off for more than, 2hrs the creature begins to die. 

There are two different kinds of these little guys- ones who are born from a closet and others that are from other places they are called the lost.

Closet born- Are very friendly and loving to people. But they have a bad habit of getting into sticky situations and making messes. They love to be with people, and go outside. Their souls are very versatile meaning they can connect with anyone.

The Lost- are sometimes very hostile, unless they trust you. Or they connect with you're soul. It takes a lot of time to gain their trust. They are often feeling alone and betrayed. If you gain their trust they will become your friend for life. They will protect you and sacrifice their life for yours. Their souls only connect with one person. Their capes are usually torn or ripped apart.
Kepu's can live up to 700 years. The oldest record with 716 years old. If they die young it could be, lack of food, depressed
Rose's Rose - BRIGHT BLUE Purpose:Rose's Rose - BRIGHT BLUE 
These little guys have two different purposes, once again to weather their Closet born or lost

Closet born: Closet born kepu's are VERY loving to their owners, and thats their purpose, to love and live with their owns till the day their own dies. If the owner doesn't have any children/relative that will take it the Kepukitsune will become very depressed, and eventually die if it doesn't find a new owner within the next 3 years it. They will attach to other house hold pets, including cats and dogs, Kepukitsune are a very easily pleased.

Lost: Lost kepus will usually focus on finding their owns and food. They hunt for themselves or others they become friends with, Their most common friends are birds, other canines/ and and rodents. They might find a partner, lost ones can have mates but they cannot breed. Lost ones are known for ending up with wings as a mutation or other things.

Kepukitsunes are omnivores but prefer plants and berries to meat.

:navi: Update:navi:  These guys are now Semi open species. only common and uncommon traits are free to be used while the rest are not. those have used those traits already by the time this was change and was still a open species you are ok to keep those traits. however only those are safe any new one made in this species may not have any higher traits from this points. only ones allows to used to to make adoptions with the higher traits is allowed or staffs.

As for the former owner :iconhaunted-dark-umbreon: we will miss you as owner but you will always be welcome back please go give her some loves.<33

Group: :iconkepukitsune-island:
MaySadet1991 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
looks cute
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