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Sanity the Insane Wolf (info/bio) by BluethornWolf Sanity the Insane Wolf (info/bio) by BluethornWolf
this is not finally all this is still being worked on.
Name: Sanity (real name is Jon but he change it to sanity)
Specie: Wolf
Gender: male
RS: Single  
Age: 20
family member: Herald(father) :alive: ,mother (Deceased) Lindsay (little sister)
Alignment: chaotic evil
theme song:…
Power: he don't have power but the red ring dose glow it unknown if there something about it yet.
weapon: his own claws and tail bone
Like: Blood, people those he can trust, living out a full life, chilling, sometime being alone to his thoughts, having friends that know the real him and not his insane side, hunting his food, freedom, learning much he can, protect his friends
Dislike: his own past, trap, his anger, him snap at his friends by mistake, his insanity take a hold on him, being called a monster due to his insanity,being alone, ex gf father, being experiments on, being told he a unique due to the ring on his eye
Bio: (coming soon)

please remember all this is not finally he is still being work on Bio and info wise. I wanna thank the person who made this picture. it really mean a lot to me. I felt this picture turn out the best side of him. if you like the picture so much please fav the original picture it mean a lot to me. anyway i plan on updating this once i have a bio ready or change a few things on him. enjoy .w.

original Picture:…
Big credit to the picture go to :iconrena-wolfie:
Sanity is own by me
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