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Ino The Dragoness Ref by BluethornWolf Ino The Dragoness Ref by BluethornWolf
Finally after 3000 year i actually got around to make a character ref that i had for years since adopting her. the only reason it took me this long was due to what i had to work with. all i had was a spirte of her but there was on big problem. the most important part was blocked by her hand aka the back head. so i finally end up saying fuck it i'll take a guess. so that how she is now. I was up pretty late trying to think of the back head look just by looking at the spirte i have of her. this is all i got. I'm happy how she turn out ;w;

Name: Ino the dragoness
Specie: Dragon
Gender: Female
RS: Taken
Age: 20
family memeber: Mother (Deceased) Father (Deceased) (more to come)
Alignment: Good
Power: Fire
Weapon: her claws
Theme song: Who I am By Lena Katina…
Like: Friends,family,flying,Relxing,hot spring,fish,rosting things
Dislike: Getting angry,getting annoyed,seeing people get hurt badly,people that not being reasonable
Bio: Ino has a strong connection with the element of fire since she was born. it was first show off when she lost her temper
on someone who was picky on her. the person was rush as he suffer from a Third-degree burns just by touching her. the other dragons
was shocked how even a ice dragon got a Third-degree burns as it very rare for it to happen unless the fire dragon was strong with there element.
It was that point ino felt awful what she did as she didn't she hurt the bullying. in the end they both apologize to each other and became friends.
One day Ino got a letter in the mail and she was pick to become a apprentice to the fire guardian as he heard how well her connection to the element of fire.
She took this chance and went off to train under the fire guardian. as years went by on her 18 birthday she finally became the next fire guardian and her friends
and family was happy for her. she has show her strong bound with her element and even after the training she still train herself to get better. she has also show she
a pretty fast flyer as she also took the time to train her flight skill as well. she one of the fastest flyer among the dragons kinds. over time she learn other place
she want to see even more the worlds. this was sadly not happening as the dragon elders said no as they point out she has a job now and that was being the fire guardian.
feeling now she just trap due to the title she end up waiting till it was a new moon and left the her home land leaving a letter saying i refuse to be trap due to a title.
For a while at first she regret leaving as not many people liked/fear her due to her power. soon it came to the point they start hunting her down. soon when all hope was lost a blue wolf show up and stand up for her as people feared her more and ran off. walked up to her and she thanks her they hanged out and for the 2 year they was the closest friends you can see. as year went by they told each other life story and meant new friends along the way. ever now and then she would visit her home land with her friends and it open the elders eyes that not all people was bad. they let her have her choice to be able to go where she want and still hold her title as they feel she will do good outside the home land as well. (please note there will be error and this is not final i will make changes in the future my hands hurt a lot right now XD )

Background from google
Ino belong to me
Song inspire:…
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I was planning to ask someone to draw my dragon oc like her, but with shoes…
BluethornWolf Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
hmmm i see.
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Cute X3
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the kitten approves
lightclash Featured By Owner Edited Jan 28, 2017
Saith: O///////////////w//////////////O Saith approves of this dragoness's "spicy hot personality"~
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