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Demelza ref by BluethornWolf Demelza ref by BluethornWolf
Demelza is a dragon in the TLOS. i'm thinking of making a story and i know Demelza is going to be add in it i been thinking about making a some sort of story. pretty much Merva is going to be the main since she a purple dragon. i have a few idea on role for who and who Demelza i have not thought out YET. I'm hopping i have a idea soon for her. The reason why i gave her four Element is due to the blood line in her family tree. Note only dragon can have one element in the TLOS but in my version of it dragon have a chance to get more then one due to blood line in there family. say there a chance you can get a element through a family member that is not around anymore it don't have to be from the mother and father element. the chance to get other element beside the mother and father but the chances is very low. dragons that get more then one is consider to be very rare. not everyone in the family can happen same. it a very rare chance that a child can be born more then one while there other sibling only have one. they can go up to only 4 some born with 3 or 2. the most common one is 1 lesser common is 2. the rare ones are 3 and 4. well that enough talking for me i should explain this some other time .w.

Note: be on the look out i made do updates from a lot of dragon characters as well as more characters in the future

Element list:
Purple fire (Her main element that have not been seen since in a very long time. her mother and father are fire user but even they was shocked of this fire)
Magic (In her father side of the blood line there is a magic user it just so happen to be her grandfather and he was a magic guardian)
Crystal (In her mother blood line her grandmother was a crystal user and was a crystal guardian)
Darkness (She was once touch by 
Vritra the evil demonic dragon king this is another way to get another element)

Element stone:…
Background is from google
Song inspire:…
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