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Mending Light
Xyon Commission
Rebirth (Ice Dragon TF)
 I winced again as I tripped over yet another rock and fell on my knees. This time, I stayed there for a while, sobbing. Tears dripped down my mud-stained face and onto my blood-stained pants. I had been in this damn jungle for four hours now, separated from my camping buddies after I had left them to satisfy my thirst at the nearby river. Turns out I had a really bad sense of direction and even worse luck. I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere - I wasn't able to find the way back in the time it had taken me to get to the river in the first place. "SHIT!" I screamed, slamming my fist into the ground. I retracted my now bleeding hand, regre
First Dragon
First Dragon The following is a written interpretation of a recording that was made during an interview during the 'First Dragon' case. After the incident, the tape was found stored in government archives, but released publicly some time ago due to the 'Public knowledge of Magical/Mythical creatures' act of 2012. The content is an interview between Sergeant James Tiberton (police unit unknown) and 'Dragoniade'. --- There is a click as the recorder is activated, followed by a few muffles as the microphone is moved into position. James: This is Sergeant James Tiberton of the... This is followed by a long beep, as the police precincts loca
Rise of the Shadow Dragon
Rise of the Shadow Dragon By: jujaga; Influenced By: Transryu Chapters: The Advent Divine Intervention Times of Change New Freedom The Wizard The Return - The Advent I've always believed that I was a dragon stuck in human form. I always felt this draconic presence within me, coursing throughout my veins. I almost knew the feeling of flight with wings like the back of my hand, and the instincts that I possessed were a bit heightened compared to other people. When I would sleep, I would often see myself as a dragon, flying throughout my lands and feeling a sense of freedom. I would have many abilities that wouldn't be possible in the
Ivory Scales: Part 2
    "One year...and still nothing...why?" A woman sobbed to her husband, as she clutched a small gem in her hands.    "Honey, it'll be ok, we'll find him. Sometimes no news is good news. He's out there somewhere, we'll find him." Her husband said. "Now cheer up, it's Christmas Eve, think of Sally!" He continued, as he looked over in the living room at the little 6 year old staring out the window, waiting for something.    "You know, Sally, Santa only comes when all the little girls go to bed!" Her father said to her as enthusiastically as he could.    "I don't care about Santa, daddy! I'm waiting for Jimmy!" She said, smiling and laughi
Ivory Scales
Ivory Scales Hundreds of people were walking by on the streets. Some were last minute buyers, others just lurkers in the night, and others going home for Christmas. Rain was falling down on their heads, but they didn’t seem to mind, overtaken with the joy of the holiday season. Everything seemed right. The perfect Christmas, like all the ones before it. Everything was in tune, and everyone was happy Except for James. James had only one thing on his Christmas list; had only one wish for the holidays. One hope that he had had for every Christmas. But James never got what he wanted. He got what he asked for, but never what he wanted. And
Ageaus Contest 1
Comm - Dragon's Treasure
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Everyone, i found this journal while browsing, please read...
Hey everyone, my very first comission, though still slightly rough, its beautiful in my eyes as this is the the first time someone draw my OC, and i intent for this to be a pic to celebrating my first time here on DA. Yay!
Every one please help her....


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