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[RETRO] Kyoka Jiro [MHA]

🎸 Kyoka Jiro ~ My Hero Academia 🎸

I am a hero too! 🤘✨

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Very nicely done in terms of giving MHA the 80's anime style.

I really do love the little Spongebob reference at the bottom.

Also. I don't know about you.

But with this being something a little retro. But this does look something out of Jem and The Holograms to some extent.

Anyone else get that feeling?

Aside from that. A fine job done on the drawing. God bless and have a nice day.

Love the retro look on them

What anime/manga is this style based off?

gigiart14's avatar

Her face reminds me of sailor moon-

Uranus1997's avatar

She actually reminds me of a younger Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop to some extent.

And I do feel that was a bit of a missed opportunity. Making Kyoka the Faye of MHA while having her be the main female lead with a ton of character development as opposed to her being a background prop.

But I digress.

wait, she left handed

All for One: (Has heart attack, and is carried off in a stretcher by Gigantomachia and Kurogiri)

Nick04201999's avatar

And the one who's last to fall!

StRegina's avatar

Nice retro style :clap:

Sanctuary99's avatar
Is Bree cheese an instrument? 😆
Dim432's avatar
Pikaplay90's avatar
As if the sicko mode one wasn't bad enoigh...

Okay, now I wanna see this animated. Kyoka looks amazing, by the way.

Nick04201999's avatar

Squilliam: (suffers Heart attack from awesomeness and falls into stretcher, taking him away.)

maketgisavailable's avatar
*Freeze frame when she jumps*
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Nairod103098's avatar
The winner takes all
It's in the thrill of one more kill
The last one to fall
We never sacrifice their will
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Lampent12's avatar

Not the song I expected to hear from Jiro. 😆

HolyMolyManiac's avatar

Awesome Artwort.

But I'm sure a crossover with spongebob wouldn't go well with Bakugo lol

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Evodolka's avatar

i'd like My Hero more if they did this song :XD:

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