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[RETRO] Bring Your Dragon Maid to Work Day


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It’s “Bring Your Dragon Maid to Work Day” for Miss Kobayashi~ 🐉

NSFW Part 2 available here:

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ohhh, my love Tohru :happybounce:

APassionateArtist434's avatar

This is an original piece?!

Hot dang, you nailed the 80's TV anime style! I thought it was a real screenshot from a real anime for a while!

That's HUGE talent right there...

Super Mario Bros. Z. - Shocked Luigi Icon

NickMaster64's avatar

i like how your pics look as if they were pulled straight from the 80s and early 90s now that's talent :3

2000daggers's avatar

I like your shading, been trying to figure out a simpler style myself.

shadowkyurem15's avatar

Damn, the 80's style looks good on Dragon Maid. It reminds me of Ranma to an extent.

DannyAndYoko's avatar

Why does the redhead look familiar to me?

gears123fights's avatar
kobayashi san chi no maid dragon S

80s style? Look cool.

MarseT's avatar
Sky-Kaiser's avatar

I still remember the wholesome hentai animation you made of these two... Kobayashi and Tohru look so adorable in your style!

Evodolka's avatar

what a lovely smile :meow:

RogerHyde's avatar

Awwww love that style!!!

keondramcintyre's avatar

I still remember the video you made of them, so I can only read this in MissMoonifide's voice.😶

LordDominio's avatar
Its so amazing that you use this classic art style
crimsongrain's avatar

aww they're so adorable with this aesthetic

Mystically cute and bouncy

They are cute in retro style in that scene

DialD4Death's avatar

she looks like flat chested ranma

Megatron1997's avatar

Adorable as always.

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