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🎀 Felix (Ferris) Argyle x Astolfo ~ Re:Zero / Fate Grand Order 🎀


4 alternate versions (clothed, NSFW exposed penis, nude + Evangelion plugsuit) are available on my Patreon!

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this is so cute omfg

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boku no pico vibe is big from this photo

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If 2 traps kiss, is yuri or yaoi? OwO

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*tags have femboy & yaoi*

one is nonbinary and the other is a literal fucking transwoman

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Are you an actual fan of the series they actually come from or just wank off to porn of them?

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chill out mate, it was just a joke

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So I'm guessing wank off material

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no, I’m just here for blue's art

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it takes a real man to become best girl

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cute couple maybe can you do more if these couple together?

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This looks to be a 80s-90s style anime

I love it, makes them look even cuter

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It's no longer a trap. It's a goddamn ambush.

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Change your fucking pfp
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Man, you're good! Nicely done!

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con pito es mas rico!!!

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