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By bluethebone
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if undertale were an eroge visual novel, PART 2.

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Timmy-22222001Hobbyist Artist
Damn, why the hell doesn't this picture have more praise around it?!

Well hope you get some praise up on the Twitter there bluethebone, this is gotdamn amazing and holy hell I bet even Toby himself would be sweating at seeing this epic Goat Mom.  Have to start off saying (besides WOW that amazing ass) how stunning that this is done all super piexlated!

Not to mention you even animate the damn thing too!  This may be part of an eroge visual novel but every element of this picture has quality and the sense it was done by a true professional!  Even regarding the nicely balanced and thick body of hers.  You keep true how many deviants do with the whole THICC feel but really impressed how well your anatomy is to note the bends and folds of some of the extra weight around the back, arms and even the way you plump out the breasts too.

This again seems like work done by someone who's been going on this road for a long time and I say again to how the finesse of the work here shows.  The way you add in the nice shadows on her grey skin to show extra plumpy features, the nice and soft feel of her eye as it stares back, to even the way you got down the Undertale text and picture of Toriel, WOW!

Could go on, but already made clear enough how grand this animation is.  Hats off to your Determination there bluethebone, keep it up!

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bluetheboneProfessional Digital Artist
WOW thank you so much for this amazing feedback !! it's because of people like you who really look into my work and the details i like to put in that really motivate me to do more pixel art. i'm feeling more DETERMINATION now !!
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Timmy-22222001Hobbyist Artist
Well you'd better get to something good with that level of DETERMINATION! o0o

Besides that, glad to hear was able to cheer on this ridiculously sexy piece of Toriel pixel art.  Given how you already have done it once with Toriel, can only imagine the army of babe you'd be able to make with your skills.  Damn there BlueTheBone, you'd better get started.  Oh, and do keep up the sexy artwork. *thumbs up*