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[ANIMATION] Monith Gaming [OC]

By bluethebone
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Or maybe this Moth Girl is just getting distracted by the worm light LAMP? Darn it Monith! 😵💫

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:drool: Perfect girl!!! :drool:
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I burnt out my lamp during that in the summer when I played under the covers.
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oh wow, I had one of those worm lights too for my GBC
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Wow. I'm a vintage Anime fan, your work always looks so spot on. This looks mid 80's early early 90s. From the text to the field grain even the diameter of the lines you're using. If someone showed me this without telling me it was made today I would have absolutely no idea. Your attention to detail is amazing.  
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80s Moth girl has early to mid 90s handheld device. Makes sense as nobody can tell the difference between the two.
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Moth girl distracted by handheld gaming devicies forever
Seriously you're style is great (pervy ones or not).  

you capture that style damn perfectly. 

I think I might finally get a full time job... if so Going to have to patreon  'cause worth it.
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Cute & sexy. Nice
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Ermagerd Monith why you such an adorable li'l moth girl?  


(Really love that exposed rump, BTW <3.)  
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Absolutely lovely!!! :love:
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