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Chaos Emeralds - Pixel Art by BlueStylArt Chaos Emeralds - Pixel Art :iconbluestylart:BlueStylArt 3 0 NIMA Pixel Fanart by BlueStylArt NIMA Pixel Fanart :iconbluestylart:BlueStylArt 4 0 Black Shades Animation by BlueStylArt Black Shades Animation :iconbluestylart:BlueStylArt 1 0 Digital Sketching - Eyes by BlueStylArt Digital Sketching - Eyes :iconbluestylart:BlueStylArt 3 2 Sci-Fi Pixel Art by BlueStylArt Sci-Fi Pixel Art :iconbluestylart:BlueStylArt 0 0 Social Anxiety by BlueStylArt Social Anxiety :iconbluestylart:BlueStylArt 1 0 Chickie - Digital Art by BlueStylArt Chickie - Digital Art :iconbluestylart:BlueStylArt 0 0 Pencil Drawing - Apple by BlueStylArt Pencil Drawing - Apple :iconbluestylart:BlueStylArt 3 4 Drawing Eyes and Irises in different ways. by BlueStylArt Drawing Eyes and Irises in different ways. :iconbluestylart:BlueStylArt 1 0 Ryou Takahiro(OC) by BlueStylArt Ryou Takahiro(OC) :iconbluestylart:BlueStylArt 7 3 Cow - Traditional Drawing by BlueStylArt Cow - Traditional Drawing :iconbluestylart:BlueStylArt 0 0 Cat drawing by BlueStylArt Cat drawing :iconbluestylart:BlueStylArt 0 0 Steven Universe - Smoky Quartz by BlueStylArt Steven Universe - Smoky Quartz :iconbluestylart:BlueStylArt 14 2 Ryuko Matoi - Kill La Kill! by BlueStylArt Ryuko Matoi - Kill La Kill! :iconbluestylart:BlueStylArt 5 0 Original Character: Saujiku V. Kioshi by BlueStylArt Original Character: Saujiku V. Kioshi :iconbluestylart:BlueStylArt 5 2 Shaded Nose and Lips by BlueStylArt Shaded Nose and Lips :iconbluestylart:BlueStylArt 4 0


Neo The Hedgehog by MayomiCCz Neo The Hedgehog :iconmayomiccz:MayomiCCz 61 70 Pixel Art Process by Cyangmou Pixel Art Process :iconcyangmou:Cyangmou 1,185 47 Daily Paint 2367. Mario Tart by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2367. Mario Tart :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,482 168 Fuu - Samurai Champloo by GENZOMAN Fuu - Samurai Champloo :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 1,930 50 yakusoku no neverland -- Emma (video) by onisuu yakusoku no neverland -- Emma (video) :icononisuu:onisuu 1,570 94 Egg by R-no71 Egg :iconr-no71:R-no71 645 23 Watamote Folder Icon by Kiddblaster Watamote Folder Icon :iconkiddblaster:Kiddblaster 14 0 Kingdom Hearts Banner ~Unleashed2594 by Smirkz Kingdom Hearts Banner ~Unleashed2594 :iconsmirkz:Smirkz 3 8 Sonic The Hedgehog Astral (S2 PACKAGE) by MiragetheBandit Sonic The Hedgehog Astral (S2 PACKAGE) :iconmiragethebandit:MiragetheBandit 25 6 Jade 2017 Revamp by MiragetheBandit Jade 2017 Revamp :iconmiragethebandit:MiragetheBandit 3 5 Wind2Smexy5Me by MiragetheBandit Wind2Smexy5Me :iconmiragethebandit:MiragetheBandit 5 10 Real Life Character COMPLETE (For Demelza) by MiragetheBandit Real Life Character COMPLETE (For Demelza) :iconmiragethebandit:MiragetheBandit 5 1 Banjokazoo123 Complete! by MiragetheBandit Banjokazoo123 Complete! :iconmiragethebandit:MiragetheBandit 9 21 Yet ANOTHER Mania Classic Minx leak by MiragetheBandit Yet ANOTHER Mania Classic Minx leak :iconmiragethebandit:MiragetheBandit 7 8 Minx In The Style Of Sonic Mania Preview by MiragetheBandit Minx In The Style Of Sonic Mania Preview :iconmiragethebandit:MiragetheBandit 6 5 Team Saloon by MiragetheBandit Team Saloon :iconmiragethebandit:MiragetheBandit 18 1



Chaos Emeralds - Pixel Art
Seven Chaos Emeralds are miracle gems or gems of miracle that possess powerful properties and abilities. I loved the special stages and the challenges taken to obtain them all in the sonic games (Especially Sonic Heroes). and so I made pixel art of them.
NIMA Pixel Fanart
NIMA is an original character by Ross Tran, an artist that inspires me with his videos, techniques and his very own characters! I've been doing pixel art for a short while now, so this is admittedly my best. Keep being awesome dude!
Black Shades Animation
Sprite drawn and Animated in Asesprite. Inspired by the kamina glasses. Spriting is a hobby I took up as of 2018 to deal with some personal things I was going through. It became really relaxing and I think I'm going to keep doing it!
After practicing a some more, I realized something that fundamentally affects my ability to draw well or not. It has also been found in my school activities or studies. Let's say I saw an anime character and I identify the artists style. I try to replicate it and then I say in my mind (Before I've drawn it) to look at it again and repeat this process several times doing only single strokes with every look. 

Then I remind myself "Wait, I know how to draw eyes, heads and faces by now. Why do I still need reference." Moreover, I need to look back at it after I just saw it. I may have something relating to Aphantasia. I only have wavering images of something but they're not constant enough (As constant as looking at an apple in nature). When I visualize, I see different color apples and a ton of random, mundane images flood through my mind WHILE trying to visualize the apple. 

This is a detriment to being able to draw from imagination and it keeps me in a state of stasis when I'm on my art journey. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Or know any way to correct this. 

(Aphantasia: Aphantasia is the suggested name for a condition where one does not possess a functioning mind's eye and cannot voluntarily visualize imagery.)
I began to draw and use watercolor paints, crayolas ever since I could pick up a pencil. Between ages 4-8, I began doing work that was recognizable as objects and things. I started seriously drawing when I was 13, but I wish I had started sooner. I'm so inspired by the art of my watchers and those I aspire to be! If I wasn't just this kid who loved to play and imagine all day, I would know that I wanted to be a great artist one day far younger than 13. Perhaps I'd be a better artist today, If I had known what I wanted back then :) 


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Kon'nichiwa, I'm Blue! I'm a Jamaican Pixel Artist who is working on small projects to take my art journey to a higher level.


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Emperor-CatVI Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello again bluestylart!

Thank you for the watch, again. 
I am very glad to see ya'll support my drawings 
That's why I have one more favour to ask of you.
If it is not too much trouble, can you take a minute to subscribe to my youtube channel? 
I want to make it as a freelance artist and I think youtube is the way to go.
That's why if you do subscribe to my channel, don't forget to click the notification bell to get notified whenever I post an art tutorial

I make tutorials because I want to repay your kindness for supporting me :D 
I want to give back to you, and our community

Here is the link :… :happybounce:

If you are unsure, I understand. 
I may sometimes come out as too straighforward and I apologize if this comment inconveniences you. 
If you just want a sample of what Kind of videos I make, here (face tutorial, step by step) :
Thank you again, I really do mean it. And would love to have you join my youtube family, bluestylart!
noobpinky Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
keep up the great work!
Runshin Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
150816 - Thank You-2 by Runshin  
CreatorPolymART Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice Drawings
BlueStylArt Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you CreatorPolym! :D
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Thanks xD(Late comment)
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Happy Birthday! Have a good one! :D
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Thank you xD
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