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TFP OC-Resonance

I finally made my Transformer ;3; This took me far too long to do, I've had designs for her since September 2015! I might upload all the designs I did one day :,D

Flats: Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 11.22.38 by BlueStripedRenulian

But anyway! This here is Resonance! (Story is still in development ;3;) 

Resonance originally started out as a DJ set on Cybertron before the war broke out, she worked with a friend (Who I'm still in the process of designing) who worked behind the bar. Resonance also had 4 little mini cons that acted as her speakers. (I'm still in the process of, also, designing Resonance's pre war mode)
After the war broke out, customers slowly declined and business was slow. Until, one day, Resonance's friend suggested that it may be best to start fresh and join one of the factions, thus she brought Resonance to a small, nearby rally. Only it was a Decepticon rally. Resonance, knowing that what was being announced to the thousands of cheering bots was wrong and immoral, decided to slowly slip out. Her friend still entranced by the rally. 
Wandering the streets, she came across an autobot rally, lead by Optimus Prime. From listening to the captivating words being spoken from him and other fellow Autobots, It was then, Resonance knew which faction was right for her. 
After returning to the bar, Resonance found her friend there, waiting for her and wondering why she left the Decepticon rally. Resonance admitted that the Decepticons weren't for her and that joining the Autobots would be best and best for both of them. Disgusted, her friend told her to make a choice, her or the Autobots. Heartbroken, Resonance chose the latter. 

Now an official autobot. Resonance spent her time partaking in rallies and raising support for the Autobot cause with the help of her mini con speakers. However, one day, her rally was ambushed and she a few others were kidnapped and taken to a secret location in Kaon. There she discovered her former friend, now with a new, seeker, body, was behind the kidnapp. Her friend then explained that this facility was used to brainwash Autobots or neutrals into become Decepticons, their bodies were also altered to a more suiting vehicle to aid their cause. Being the sadistic Decepticon her friend now was, she requested the physicians to make the alteration process as painful as possible.
Resonance endured a torturous session of having her body ripped apart and put back together. Her mini-cons were also, sadly, torn to bits for scrap. Her memories wiped until she barely had a shred of her original personality left. She was now a Decepticon soldier with a mouthpiece permanently fused over her mouth. She was also given a new name, Cyanide. 

For many years, she served the Decepticon army and killed many Autobots. Some even the bots she had made friends with during the rallies. Any bot carrying the autobot Insignia was met by her blasters or blades. 
One day, the ship carrying her and hundreds of other Decepticon soldiers was ambushed by Autobots. Resonance attempted to escape via an escape pod and was successful until a soldier was able to shot her in the back of the head before the doors closed, resetting her system but sending her into sleep mode. She drifted for years upon years until finally her system re-booted and she awoke. Confused as to why she bared the Decepticon insignia, she proceeded to tear it off, along with the mouth piece sealed across her face. However, it left a few deep cracks around the edges of her faceplate, exposing the wires underneath. 

Realising she was too far away from Cybertron the femme decided to land on the closest planet avaliable, Earth! 
Once she lands, her new alt mode becomes an F-14 Tomcat.
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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Great Work:
I find this piece really attracting with the bright pink in certain areas.
The colour choice really suits her position and facial expression.
Her form and what her mechanized form is very clear.
Perfect for a reference>
Line work looks great a lot of detail.
Highlights and shadowing in proper places and very effective with the whole image, gives picture a more vibrant perspective.
Colours match well.
A fantastic job, how ever in my opinion the fingers on her left hand are a little wonky. I'm not too sure what her hand gestures are supposed to be but other than that great. Amazing
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Thank you very much for this critique! It was a pleasure to read through and also take note on the stuff I need to improve on for next time. Hands have always been a bit of a struggle for me, especially robotic hands :,D Hopefully, I can get them sorted out the next time I draw a ref for her. Once again, thank you for taking the time to write this critique! :3
Do you have any fanfictions with her? O.O
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I don't right now ;3;
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Ohh. Interesting OC. <3
I love her story.
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Hey, I was just wondering if you had any information or references for her weapons?
(By the way, I really enjoyed reading that description, sounds like an interesting character. :D (Big Grin)
BlueStripedRenulian's avatar
Hey there! Unfortunately, I haven't had time to get around to updating her ref because of uni work ;3; But once I get time, I'll add a section for her weapons o3o Thank you for taking an interest! <3
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Can you draw my Transformers oc. ^^
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Okay then, are these prices okay for you?  Commission info by BlueStripedRenulian
Samjoos's avatar… robot mode, Arcee from Transformers Prime redesign.
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she is amazing! may i draw her? ^_^
BlueStripedRenulian's avatar
Of course dear! o3o By all means go right ahead! :dummy:
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Evil and seductive at the same time, but I still have a question: Autobot or Decepticon? XD
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Really an autobot, forcefully made into a decepticon. 
Do you have a fanifc for her?
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I see. This is very interesting.
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