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American dollars version:  Commission chart $ by BlueStripedRenulian

Please read the following

:bulletpink: Animated version of one of the badges displayed above:  Commission-Vendetta-Primus by BlueStripedRenulian
Bullet; Pink I only accept Paypal and you must provide payment before I start working. Once you have paid, your name will be added to my ''to do'' list. 
Bullet; Pink I accept NSFW art (Though it may cost extra and it will not be posted to my DA) but if you suggest something to me which makes me feel uncomfortable, I have the right to refuse it. If you would like to make an NSFW commission, please message me about it. You MUST be over 18 years of age to order an NSFW commission. 
:bulletpink: Prices may vary depending on the complexity of your character and what you want included
Bullet; Pink Prices are non-negotiable
Bullet; Pink Please do NOT repost the commission as your OWN work, if you do want to repost it, you MUST NOT edit my signature/watermark out and you MUST credit my DeviantArt name on your post. You MUST NOT use my work for commercial purposes either.
Bullet; Pink I am free to use the commission as portfolio work 
Bullet; Pink I will provide regular updates on your commission to check if you want any changes made, any drastic changes may result in extra payment. I will always provide a sketch and finished lineart to you before I start colouring
Bullet; Pink I don't always do commissions in order, I usually switch between commissions. 
Bullet; Pink I will provide a date when the commission will most likely be complete, this may be subject to change due to how many commissions I have and how complex your commission is
Bullet; Pink You must provide me with a front and side or a 3/4 reference of your character along with any important details you would like done
Bullet; Pink If you would like a commission, please message me through DA with a note or comment on this deviation I am willing to negotiate on Discord as well, as it is easier to communicate. 
:bulletpink: Previous commissions I have done bluestripedrenulian.deviantart…

Thank you ^^
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Violet-Hamato-Utrom's avatar

Hey do you do points commissions

BlueStripedRenulian's avatar
I don’t sadly. Only PayPal, sorry!
Violet-Hamato-Utrom's avatar

It’s ok but thank you

NessyRaptor's avatar

Are ur commissions still open?

BlueStripedRenulian's avatar

Yep :D shoot me a note if you would like to discuss one :)

PaintGreenColor19's avatar
Can I request a commission and can I pay in deviantart?
BlueStripedRenulian's avatar
Pay in deviantartart? You mean with points? 
BlueStripedRenulian's avatar
I only accept paypal I'm afraid.
garrick1944's avatar
Do you ever get commissions from the US? 
garrick1944's avatar
Then how much do you charge in US currency?
garrick1944's avatar
Awesome are you able to do comic pages?
BlueStripedRenulian's avatar
I can but it depends on how many you want done. 
Lyca-Houndoom's avatar
"not limited to Lombaxes" :lol: love how you put that in there.
BlueStripedRenulian's avatar
Didn't want to give people the impression that was all I drew xD
Lyca-Houndoom's avatar
it is clearly not, but you do seem to draw a lot of them ;) haha
BlueStripedRenulian's avatar
Lombaxes are fun to draw though :p 
Lyca-Houndoom's avatar
ReianaSmiley's avatar
I would like to send a note to you with details, and how do commissions work? 
BlueStripedRenulian's avatar
A commission is when you pay for a service, for example, exchanging money for the production of custom artwork :)
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