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Lucifer ref sheet

(Bio is still a huge work in progress and is likely to be altered over time! I'm a mess when it comes to writing lots of stuff)

Full Name: 
Luciferus Arazalis (Lou-si-fair-us Ar-ah-zah-lis)

Nicknames: Lucifer, Luci, Fluffball, Fluffy, Stripy, Stripes, Glowstick



 27 in Renulian years 

December 31st

Planet Renos (Reh-know-s)

 Okayish engineer as well as a part time thief

6ft 7inches (201cm)

 13 stone 2lbs (184lbs) (Some of his fur contributes to his weight, especially his tail)


Distinguishing Features: 
The glowing hands, feet, eyes and back spikes but mainly the stripes 

 Ultrablue Orb Blue-orb Ultrablue Orb  

Bullet; Blue Abilities: Is highly skilled at climbing as well as the rest of his race, he can easily scale a tree at the height of 100ft in roughly a minute through the use of the claws on his hands and feet. His long legs enable to him to be a fast runner and his high stamina enables him to run for long periods of time however it depends on the surface he is sprinting on. Areas were he can't dig his feet easily into the ground cause him to often trip over. Marble or concrete floors are his worst enemies. 

Bullet; Blue Weakness: He cannot swim simply due to the fact he never really learnt how to and also due to childhood trauma. When he was three, his tail got caught between two rocks underwater which prevented him from resurfacing. He passed out until his mother dragged him out and gave him CPR. His tail does also act like a huge weight in the water as it's mostly fur which gets incredibly heavy when wet. However, he does wash his fur when he really needs to but he turns into a giant fluffball when he dries. He can also be clumsy at times and has had cases where he's tripped over his long claws. He's also forgotten having a tail attached to his spine, so he's got it trapped in a few doors and has even accidentally smacked it into a few people's faces. The glow from his claws, back spikes, horns and eyes are often a huge indication at what he's feeling and if he can't control his fear or anger, he glows like a light which often attracts attention.

Bullet; Blue Physical biology: Common Renulians, like Lucifer, have three stripes on their lower arms, legs and bellies as well as three stripes that decorate both sides of their faces. They also have a ringed tail with a stripe going between each spike and nine stripes on their ears. Royal Renulians have an extra set of stripes instead of the common three. The tips of Lucifer's hands, feet, back spikes, horns as well as his eyes emit a glow, which gets brighter depending on his mental state, as well as a small amount of heat except from the eyes. When calm, the heat emitted is similar to that of luke warm water, however, when enraged, the feel of the heat would be similar to closely hovering your hand over a candle. His pupils will also turn white in the process.

Lucifer's horn colour is linked to his eye colour, his horns also connect to his brain so if they are cut very close to the base, it can potentially cause brain damage but he will also bleed to death in the process. 

Lucifer's teeth are omnivorous, meaning he can eat both plants and vegetation though he prefer meat.... a lot.  

As a child, his fur was lighter but darkened as he grew older, he also sheds a lot much to his and others annoyance.

Bullet; Blue Personality:  Cautious, timid and quite quiet at first. Tends to keep to himself, especially when in a heavily populated area. Was more lively and bubbly as a child. Is quite sentimental and carries around a trinket that reminds him of home. It contains the bark from his home tree encased in resin as well as small pieces of fur from his mother and father and finally a piece of rare stone for good luck. He is willing to help others but will steal items if absolutely necessary though he can't help himself if he sees premium meats up for sale. He makes a small amount of money through fixing and maintaining ships for travellers and can be quite the talker if the topic they are discussing is his thing. 

Bullet; Blue Backstory: Lucifer was born on a utopia like planet in a solar system that had very few planets within it and was far away from any largely populated systems. His planet was abundant in wildlife and vegetation. However, the Renulians, sometimes, used small ships to travel off-world but only in times of emergency or to bring back goods, medicines and sometimes foods from other worlds. However, only those who were high ranking, like members of the guard, political advisors or marketeers were granted access to the ships. The guard were Renulians who were trained for combat, who protected the Royal family as well as civilians from potential outside threats and even acted as police to keep law and order within villages, though it was rare. Civilians were often discouraged, even at a young age from going off world and were told that all they would ever need would be on Renos. The discouragement was often done out of fear and wanting to keep communities together. The race would sometimes use small bits of technology to make their lives easier, such as long range communication devices, weather radars and watches but living amongst nature was their culture. Their homes were built around and even into trees. Renulians could use small bridges and hand made staircases to link to one another's accommodation. The tree tops contained giant flowers that collected the energy from the sun during the day and would glow during the night to attract bugs and insects to feed on. The flowers would sometimes be use to light the bridges during the night. 

Lucifer's mother was a member of the royal guard and was highly skilled with a bow and arrow. The arrows were specially made with a toxin from a plant that could paralyse the nervous system of the body for a short period of time. Since she was a member of the royal guard she was granted access to the ships that could travel off-world. She would occasionally sneak Lucifer off with her as she wanted him to be able to explore the galaxy as he got older. She didn't want him to spend the rest of his life on Renos. She would sometimes take him to a small moon that was home to a library that contained endless amounts of data about various things within universe such as other planets and their history, species, topics like bio mechanics, engineering and so on. If you had a question, the library usually had the answer. The library was run and maintained by a small robotic librarian that functioned through the use of solar energy. Lucifer would often spend hours simply taking out various data pads to read up on anything he hadn't read before. However, his mother presented him with a memory chip that could download the data he wanted and could be re-read later back on Renos. However, if the data was updated at the library, they would need to return to refresh the memory chip. Lucifer took a keen interest in studying the structure of ships and how they worked, space travel between solar systems and the history of various other planets. 

Lucifer's planet was attacked by a large band of gangsters that were led by a mysterious mafia leader simply known as ''The Mad Zapper''. Zapper was a being who was crazily obsessed with dominance, power and wealth and had made a reputation for himself throughout the years in the underworld. He attacked the Renulian race wanting to challenge himself with dealing with a sentient species. He had purged other small species in the past in the outer rims of the galaxy for profit but he found it all a bit boring in time. At the time, Lucifer had set out on a hike with his good friend Lyra.

Read more about it here ->  Young Renulians by BlueStripedRenulian

The carrier ship was able to take a few thousand Renulians to a new location in a different solar system aswell as a few other smaller ships. However, those who were left behind were to become slaves, lab experiments or have parts of them sold on the black market for a high price. The ships was able to mask their tracking signal so that they couldn't be located in the new system. They settled on an unknown planet that was quite hostile and contained vicious wildlife that was rather difficult to kill. However, the remaining Renulians were all too fearful to leave the planet so they put up with their new environment. Not only that, the royal family ordered that all ships be heavily guarded  Over the next couple of decades, Lucifer contributed in hunts for food and building housing but secretly worked on a project that would enable him to leave the hell that he lived on for good and find his mother for he believed she was still alive but not aware of where the Renulians had settled. He had secretly put together his own ship through odd bits of data he had learnt through the memory chip and by sneaking away small materials from housing structures and other things. It was a huge trial and error process with many of his prototypes blowing up in his face. He promised he would be back for the remaining Renulians and simply left during the night. The hyperdrive he created was able to transport him to a station in another solar system where he set up a temporary business fixing and maintaining ships but also secretly investigating the attack on his planet all those years ago as well as searching for his mother. 

 Ultrablue Orb Blue-orb Ultrablue Orb  

Bullet; Blue Status:
Strength: 7/10 
Speed: 8/10 (Depending on the surface)
Agility: 7/10 
Endurance: 3/10 
Defense: 4/10 
Intelligence: 8/10 
Attack: 6/10 
Aim: 5/10  
Temperament: 8/10 

Ultrablue Orb Blue-orb Ultrablue Orb  

Zapper->  The Mad Zapper! by BlueStripedRenulian

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can we count it as a furry ( it's good and awsome ! )
hey you can contact the adminstrator of Ratchet and Clank to set this charecter in the game ?
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Well, I don't really class him as a furry :,D
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Your art is absolutely amazing, and his reference is really cool.  I do have a question though, did you create his species?
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Thank you! :D 
Yes, I did create the species ^^ 
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It's so cool, and cute, and awesome and, it's just so amazing.
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Thank you so much o3o <3 
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Wow! :D (Big Grin) 

This is so cool, and so interesting too. I never realized how tall he was. He’d look like a giant compared to my Carwaileon characters who mostly stand around 4’7”

I have always loved the design of Lucifer. His color palate, and your art style are so unique and beautiful.
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Yeah Lucifer is a tower XD But a big tower full of fur! 

Thank you so much! I appreciate you like him so much ^^ 
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oh so this ur character i see in ur avatar :D
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Ah! Hes so adorable in this reference >w< ! I really love seeing how much you've improved with your art the line art overall has significantly gotten better ! Lucifer looks fantastic and the ref is super helpful (I really gotta draw him sometime again) plus you added a reference for is younger self too which is pretty awesome!
Great stuff Blue :la:
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Thank you so much!!
Oh wow really? Thank you! :D I didn't think my lineart got better XD 
And OMG, Im looking forward to it o3o 
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Your welcome :la:
Indeed it did, there very clean and has a really some what thin to thick line there really smooth doesn't jitter or look odd a very natural flow to them!
YESH :D plus your characters are always fun to draw!
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Eeee! Thank you so much dude ;3; <3 <3 <3 We should just totally have an art trade when I open them again because I'd feel bad if you did another piece of art for me. Let me return the favour!! o3o 
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No problem :D Ah yeah it's been years since I've done a trade so it would be great to do one again! I'm still happy to give out art to friends and people who have awesome ideas tho XD
Let me know when you are able to and would like to do an  AT :la:
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Will do friend! o3o <3
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Hehe! People seem to like Zapper more but dayum he needs a ref sheet update like mad! Thank you so much!
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YAS :V de zappah! :D You are welcome :3
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