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Dr. Victor Neox bio ref

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Dr. Victor Neox (Knee-ox)

 Incendian Lombax


 42 in Incendian Lombax years 

7th October

Planet Incendia

 Physician. Practices bio mechanics, bio chemistry and bionics. 

6ft 2inches (188cm)

 11 stone 8lbs (162lbs)

Originally brown but are now a blood red due an over exposure to illegal crystals

Distinguishing Features: 
His smile, it can be both warming and deadly

Always upbeat and cheerful. He acts like a father to a majority of the members of the organisation. He is very protective and will not hesitate to horrifically torture anything that has tried to harm any of the members. Due to his past, he finds it hard to control his rather sadistic and eccentric behaviour, for example, greeting members while soaked in blood from an experiment or having normal conversations with members while pulling out the intestines of a recently deceased organism. He is incredibly intelligent and a skilled medic. Being able to perform operations swiftly and barely without assistance. He knows a lot about the biology of species off world and gives advice to the assassins, like Rouge, about which places to cut for an easy kill. 
He is very humorous and will often try to make a joke during a conversation much to the annoyance and will always try to cheer up anyone who is down. He'll gladly sit down with anyone and let them open up about their problems while he makes them tea. 

Special items:
 His glasses. Though they are to help him see a little more precisely when operating, he admits he also uses them to make his face look friendlier because he thinks his red eyes make him look scary.

Potential voice
: Robin Atkin Downes / Christopher Waltz

Likes: Cleanliness, despite the fact he often messes his lab up with tons of experiments. Having tea and cakes with the members of the organisation. Finding new species of organisms to document. Lots of hugs. 

Losing a patient to injuries or disease. When one of the members of the organisation goes off on a dangerous assignment. 

Backstory: Victor was training to to be a medic while still on Incendia. Though he was terrible at memorisation, often forgetting the names of certain parts of the body and what their function was and was shaky when it came to performing operations. He trained on dying animals and more died at his hands than survived. He reached a point where he was prepared to give up training to be a medic until his brother, Theo, convinced him he was stronger than to just give up.
One day, while he and his brother went off Incendia, their ship was suddenly hijacked by thugs and thus the brothers were kidnapped and taken to the mines of Malumis where they were forced to excavate illegal crystals that were being sold at a high price on backwater planets. For many years, the exposure of the crystals turned the brothers eyes red and began to slowly drive them insane. Though Victor was hopeful they would be able to escape using a plan he was devising. During their time mining the crystals. Victor found a miner lying on the ground in pain, not being able to move their leg properly. Victor then noticed that it was an infection and demanded to help treat the miner. The miner numbers dwindling anyway, Victor was allowed to be temporary medic. There, he gained access to supplies he had never seen before yet was quickly able to memorise their purpose and how they worked on the body. During his time as medic, he noticed he was able to learn things quicker than before. Realising that maybe the crystals were slowly sharping his abilities but damaging his sanity. Now not being exposed to the crystals as much as before, his mind didn't deteriorate as much as his brother, Theo's. This also gave Victor the advantage to make a plan of the area in order for them to escape.
Over time, Theo began to hallucinate demons following him thus developing paranoia and wouldn't even let Victor touch him. He became too scared to even eat or drink, fearful that the demons had poisoned it. Then one day, Theo turned to his brother while they were mining more crystals, uttered his last words ''I'm sorry Victor...'' and drove his own pick axe through his head while his brother watched in horror. Victor was still forced to work, even after witnessing his brothers brutal death. Months followed before Victor's mind began to succumb just like Theo's. He started seeing the demons following him and was close to bringing himself to the same fate as his brother, until one day, an overseer pushed Victor too hard and that became the day Victor committed his first murder. He swiped the keys from the corpse and fled through the mines, while many others looked upon him and begged and cried out to free them too. However, determined to escape, Victor found a docking station and used one of the ships to escape back to Incendia. Homeless, companionless, wrecked with guilt from leaving behind so many slaves after helping a majority of them and slowly losing his grip on his will to live. Victor held a knife to his throat and was prepared to take his own life until a member of the organisation found him and took him in. There he trained to become a professional medic and much to his surprise, he was able to learn very fast about the nature of the Lombax body and he was stable when operating. It had seemed that the crystals had sharpened his medical abilities and had made learning easy for him but it had come at a price, his sanity, his security and his only living family. 


Inspiration: Medic from TF2, Ratchet and Knockout (Transformers Prime) 
Neox without glasses:  Neox without glasses by BlueStripedRenulian

Sketch:  Neox turnaround sketch by BlueStripedRenulian

Lineart:  Neox turnaround Lineart by BlueStripedRenulian
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I hope you don't mind if I swap his clothes with My OC's clothes? (Isaac Quantuum
BlueStripedRenulian's avatar
Well, I don't see the harm :,D
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Does neox have a mom
BlueStripedRenulian's avatar
His parents are dead. 
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DEAR GOD. This is amazing. 
Seriously, wow!
Get ready. I already ship myself with this guy. 
A lot of sin-fics of X readers must come. 
BlueStripedRenulian's avatar
Thank you! ^^ 

Oh haha, he's not into that stuff at all, he's like a full time dad to adopted children now. 
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Huehe. Okay...Okay...
Just kidding those sin-fics shall stay in the deepest corners of my PC and eventually get thrown in the trash.
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you know what his uniform reminds me of? Ever heard of power rangers SPD? There is a commander who has a uniform just like that but instead of yellow it is red...he is also dog-like XD and blue <3
BlueStripedRenulian's avatar
I'm not too familiar with Power Rangers but I see what you mean XD
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Yeah he's awesome <3 I also love your cat guy <3
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no problem :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) Heart Heart 
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I would really love to draw him someday!
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if you want to, go ahead! :D I'm more than open to letting people draw my OCs :D
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Some like a medic from Team Fortress 2
Tedwin-Knockman66's avatar
Just need a Medic gun or Ubersaw
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