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2018 Summary of Art

Day89 - Fireworks 

Happy New Year everyone!

The end of 2018 is now here! (Well it is here for me over in Australia due to time zone differences and what not)
In all honesty I feel like I could have drawn more this year but I think this has been a rather difficult one compared to the previous year. I moved out, got my first job and began to live life as an adult (barely) All that happened in July and I only had one picture drawn that month which was an art trade I did with a friend.
Overall, I think I've improved a bit though this year but I'm going to aim to be happier this year and just strive to be more successful in both my online and real life 

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2017 summary of art
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Day89 - Fireworks 
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I remember most of these, nice to see it was a good year for you despite the bumps :)
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I hope you had a good year too :3
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It's still the morning for me so it's not new year yet my time lol
And that really sounds like a challenge, moving out and everything :P

I did an art summary myself the other day, it's really fun to see how much one has improved over the year :D
Happy new years! :)
BlueStripedRenulian's avatar
It's interesting comparing them to earlier years as well :)