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>3 It was late. I was in the mood. So here ya go. XD I'm disgusted at roy's small hand. .__.

Roy: Good morning, Fullmetal one. <3
And Ed blushes xDDDDD Disgruntledly.

I had NOT intended (consciously anyway) for this to be a morning-after pic. I slapped on a shirt for roy and a top for ed cuz i was lazy. (hey be glad i actually slapped something on) BUT if you're *so inclined* to think it's a morning-after, please, by all means, feel free to do so XBBB
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DisturbingFrequencyHobbyist Photographer
D'aww. x3

And you know Japanese? :o
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Sora-Uzumaki Photographer
*squeee!* cute! roy, i know what you're thinking! ;-)
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Adorable expressions.
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MouichiStudent Digital Artist
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Ooh, awsome! Actually, I was thinking a few minutes before.. Anyways, it's cute, I love Ed's expression!
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JBoogleStudent General Artist
kute kute kute!! those 2 make such a kute pair!! =3
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AloriaHobbyist General Artist
That's so cute! Very nice job!
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Aoihonou Photographer
Kyaaah!!!! :heart: So kawaii!!!!!! Gotta love Roy x Ed!!!! XD
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I looooove the expression on Roys face! you did him so good! and edo! weeee...
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sodora Photographer
Ed's expression = yay! Quite the talent you have, there!

:+fav: !!!

*LJ user, not a stalker* :giggle:
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OMFG CUUUUUUUTE :heart: :heart: :heart:
I'd fave this right now, but i just faved a pic of yours a minute ago, so i'll fave it later >:3 EdoRoi is the best FMA pairing. :heart:
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I'm actually not inclined to think in Roy x Ed terms AT ALL - I really hate Roy x any guy.... lol... FMA pairings should be heterosexual for some reason Oo - but this is SO PRETTY.

The hand there does look small, but the rest is gorgeous XD
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OMG :omg:!

Love the pic. Itz soo cute!!

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holydak Digital Artist
Very cute! ^^ :D
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omfg YES!!! *dies* XD XD XD
i /love/ how roy calls him "fullmetal one" >D *dies again*
feeeh they are both TOO sexy >3
and yes... it's the morning after... the morning after much sex >3
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chuweiHobbyist General Artist
the blushing guy ish soo cute!! xDXD you did those expressions so well!
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fwhahahaha! Roy x Ed~~ :heart: I still love this picture, it slaps a stupid grin on my face. xD;;

You draw Roy so nice and Roy-ish. And Ed! *fangirl hysterics*
Have to draw more of these. xD

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You are excellent at drawing fullmetal alchemist characters :D I can't wait for more :heart: :drool:
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muahhaa yes, so cute xDD
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ohohohoho :heart: :heart: roy's such teh perv. i loved that ep 13, it revealed that YES, ROY DOES HAVE A PERSONALITY ^____^

lovelovelove ed's expression! >3<
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Adorable picture ^^ I love their expressions :)
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:x omg this is too cute!!! RoyxEd XD What an adorable pairing!!! :D Cute pic!!
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omg yess :heart: :heart:!!!!
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