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alchemists dig bio

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Alchemy = biochem... -ish? xD;;; But well, i'm sure ed would take much greater interest in bio than i do. >_>;; I like bio, i really do ;__; But some stuff are hard to grasp, which tend to put me to sleep xD;;; So yeah, the one drooling on the left is me. XB Thanks to this doodle though, which i did in bio XB, i *didn't* fall asleep in class today. XD Inked at home w/ Copic Multi Liner pens =B
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starbuxxHobbyist Traditional Artist
I luv it!!!

Ummm.. pardon my denseness, but what does it say there?
English is so far my only fluent lang!!!!! :O

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Thanks! It says "during Biology class" :)
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starbuxxHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh! ha ha ha cool!!!
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very nice doodle
yeah same here but after bio i have.....physics dun dun dun, i hate math
damn i can only read hiragana
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Heliotrope-HousecatHobbyist General Artist
Heh - this reminds me of my Chemistry lessons. Same sort of situation really - Ed the science genius would be vaguely intersted... my brain, however, spontaneously combusts! lol - great pic ^^ I love how he's chewing his pen!
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xxspiffynessHobbyist General Artist
:D nice
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xxspiffynessHobbyist General Artist
:D nice
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Cute, funny and well drawn :)
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So cute! <33
Definatly a fave. Haha.
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so neat and well done !!!
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Gaw.. such lovely lines! Clean and neat.. wish I could ink like that. ><

I love his expression.. it's so cute. XD
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cool-neko-chanHobbyist Digital Artist
this is so cute! love the expression on his face! and the way he has the pencil in his month. i look like that sometimes when i'm really bored or in deep thought.
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Really pretty! Good inking. Gotta fave.
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sodora Photographer
Echoing everyone else...fabulous clean inking! :worship:

Another :+fav:
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Very pretty Ed! You make me want to kill myself because I'll never be as accurate in fanart as youuuuu~ ;_;

But still. Pretty Ed :D
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spinizueyHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is adorable.. and i'm in awe of the linework. It's so simple - i envy your skill~!!
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Love the lines! This is slick my friend. :)
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bio's just a kick in the ass.... god, i'm like the fucking stupidest kid in my class. lol i just draw and sleep... and don't understand a thing they're talking about.... anyway, this is great. all pretty and clean and inked and stuff. :D
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aww yew ink so well! XD i love the expression :)
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So incredibly cute!! :D awesome lineart ^__^
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ChibizakiProfessional Filmographer
Great lineart! I fell asleep in bio today too ^^;
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Wow.. your line art is so nice and crisp...
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hello this is very good i loke it a-lot keep up the good work so bye for now keep :) :) :) :) :) :) .....
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holydak Digital Artist
LoL, that's really cute ^^ I hate to repeat everyone, but the ink is so clean! You did an awesome job!
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