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Marvel - Tony's Workshop

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Steve and Tony, when not superheroing, often just hang out in Tony’s workshop, and do what they love doing: Tony tinkers with one of his million projects, and Steve draws. Tony used to just have either Thor or Steve around in the shop as a general rule, in case some stubborn bolt or nut called for extra muscle. One day Tony was going to work on his vintage bike restoration, which needed more delicacy than brawn, but Steve went down to the shop with him anyway.

“I hope you’re drawing the bike. It’s far more interesting.”

“It sure is,” Steve would lie as he sketched Tony at work.

Inspired by a bit in the fic "There's No 'I'…" by jadedoll in which Steve and Tony asked each other what they’d be if they weren’t Captain America or Iron Man. Steve said he’d be an artist, and Tony said he’d be a mechanic.


I swear my art/drawing process is such a self-flagellating Sisyphusian ordeal. “I’M AWESOME - NO I SUCK - OH THIS LOOKS PRETTY GOOD - THIS LOOKS LIKE SHIT” - and so forth. I’m still convinced the lineart looked better before it was colored :| wanted to draw in the bg of Tony’s shop for additional context but GEH it was getting late so screw that. Also: FUCKING BIKES
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Heck, even if you don't ship Stony this is cool.
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i really like this i just wish I could print in color
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Pictures showing Steve as an artist are rare, so I'm automatically faving this. :D
also, he is wearing relatively modern fashion for once, albeit in patriotic colors. Those have to be jeans, right? LOL, in other pieces of fanart Steve almost always wears old-fashioned checkers, so this is a welcome change.

In all, I really like the overall tone if the piece--Tony and Steve engaging in a friendly, domestic conversation, bonding before they have to go and save the world again. 

They've come a long way from that argument on the Helicarrier, I must say. ;)
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i love it!!! tony look sooo hot!!!
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I like seeing them in a normal environment; it let's me calm down a bit and stop placing them so high up on an unreachable pedestal, thus allowing me to see them as people, which makes me happy. :D
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Aww, Steve looks so cute here.
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awwwn amazing! <3
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KYAH!! I found you!! I saw a tiiiiiny thumbnail of this somewhere when I was looking up fics, and have been hunting for it ever since. Thanks for luring me into the delicious world of Stony! <3
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This is adorable.
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This is so cute! It totally made me think of that story, too. XD
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I love this! This is so probable. And its looks like them, stuff they would do and I like the coloring!!!
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:( :| :) :D....and break!!! I couldn't keep from smiling :D
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One of my favorite pics =D
PheobeLeo35's avatar
Tonys just looking at him with the gay stare and that's ok with steve
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This is one of my absolute favorite Tony/Steve pictures ever. I mean, you got the mood just right, the faces are spot on and the coloring job is amazing as well. Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece!
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soooooooooo sweet
perfect scene for these two
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I love the idea behind this and the way you draw them :3
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