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Yo, so I've been gone for a while huh? IRL has been really busy lately, which is cool and crazy. But I guess I'm sort of back? Like I'm still here. And there will hopefully be more art from me up in the next day or so if any of y'all missed that including some fossils I managed to dig up.  So what have yall been up to?
I'm not sure which one I want to do next so I'd appreciate y'all's thoughts. The options are:

The Royal Grotto Spring

The Throne Room

Royal Cove

The Queens Grotto

Servants Cavern Pools

Lilac's Garden

Wilson's Atrium

Orchid's Forge

The Hidden Archive

The Castle Apothecary

So I'd really appreciate if you could choose which three of this y'all'd like to see most and those will be the next three I do. ^^
I'm sorry I've not been super active lately, and honestly i haven't done a tone of art recently but i kinda wanted to give y'all a life update so that y'all know i'm not dead.

Lately i've been really focused on work and a fun work project that I'm super excited about. I've been cataloging a library for a doctor who works at my church. It's a lot of fun so far, and i've gotten to see books from the 1800s which was awesome but super scary because it felt like if i breathed wrong i might break the book. i also get to be a book detective which is super cool. I might even become a librarian who knows.

I've also recently started my first collage classes, which is a little late in coming but better late than never. I'm enjoying them as much as one can be expected, but i'm adjusting pretty well i think.

I've been doing a lot of volunteer work with my church lately and really enjoying fellowship with my team after rehearsals, even if I'm not as good at bowling as i used to be. We mainly go out to eat so bowling skill isn't normally too high on the needs scale.

And I've recently got really into Space Boy by… which is really really good and I'd love to geek out about it with any of y'all who've read it. But that's been my life lately. Really busy and kinda stressful but all in all pretty good. How about you?
So i have a couple of chapters of some writing projects i was working on.  Are y'all interested in reading them? They're still works in progress for books i'm in the process of writing but do y'all wanna read them?

A species of humaniod  unicorn-like creatures. Their name is a slight misnomer as they come in a variety of flavors including grape, pomegranate, apple etc.


Notable physical traits:

Glass bottle like horn filled with cider that refills naturally but slowly.

Hair with a slight ombre tint of their flavor to it ( while this is common, not all cidercorns have ombre)

Long fetlocks on wrists and ankles

Cloven hooves

Long tail ending in a fount of hair-like cider strands

Equine ears on the top of head


Uncommon traits:

Missmatched tail and head hair color

 noncloven hooves/ Glass nubby hooves

Tinsel Highlights

Bubble gradient on arms and legs

Sparkling "cider"

Glass fangs ( males)



Form shifting ( into that of a horse)

Mane ridge along the spine

True liquid tail

Alcoholic "cider' ( note, cidercorns cannot be drunk on their own cider)

Glass Fangs (females)



Never seen traits:

Functional Wings. Cidercorns are never able to fly. Some have very small vestigial glass wings but these cannot produce fight.



Fun facts:

Despite their fragile appearance, cider corns are not a super delicate people.

The Glass fangs often have potent cider in them. This cider is used to incapacitate prey and ward off those with ill intent. Since Fangs are not common, almost all Fangs are trained for guard duty, even if they choose not to pursue it as a future career.

They often have painful kicks and crushing bites.

Current Leader: Princess Regent Rose Blanc the Frostborn


As a kingdom they are known for produce and fruit drinks.


They are most known for their massive orchards and the free growing fruit that fill the kingdom.


Their diet consists mainly of fruits, carbs and dairy, however meat is not an uncommon food to them


 They are kind and playful, however they are fierce fighters and known for their ruthlessness in battle.


They are best suited for a cold environment, their kingdom is cold but the plants never seem to stop being green or producing fruit


 While the kingdoms are not at war, Rose and Laurel both can't stand each other. Rose called her eye weird as a child and Laurel has never let it go.

I've been kinda bored and looking for a way to show more about my ocs and to get back in the habit of drawing them so i've decided to open Asks for a few of them that'll be listed in this journal. Feel free to ask them, however please make sure that I can tell which oc you're asking the question to. ^^

Ocs open for Questions:

Princess Laurel of Bath Laurel by bluestarproduction

Coo the Pigeon Princess Princess Coo by bluestarproduction

Arron the Wisp Dryven by bluestarproduction

Mynta the Centaur New Oc: Mynta by bluestarproduction

Charlie Hawkin the St. Elmo's fire  Good Time Charlie by bluestarproduction

Rosé the Cidercorn Princess A Frozen Rose by bluestarproduction

Cyrus the Cidercorn Sparkling Personality by bluestarproduction
Hello, i am back and bored. how are y'all?
so lately i've become kinda mesmerized with the idea of gardening, which it's all that odd, as a child i loved the concept of many things and only recently have developed the patience for them, like cooking, designing fashion, things that are fun but take time. And so part of me was just kinda like " yo, we should plant stuff. and maybe like food stuff." and so the rest of me looked down over the top of her book at the inner child and responded with, " sure why not."

and since i also am a fan of the idea of reusing food waste, since i am a very small person with a small stomach and very few people, i tend to have a bit of food waste, most notably veggies and stuff like that.  I decided that i was going to plant some of my left overs, most notably garlic, because I love garlic because I love me. and so since where i live doesn't have dirt so much as clay that's decided it's only goal in life is to kill whatever's planted in it, I planted my little bulb in a mason jar in the house. that was two weeks ago.

Today i am proud to announce that my little garlic child is officially a sprout, and i did not kill him. I am stupidly proud of this fact and by this time next year i will have all of the garlic. However I am on the look out for names for him and for my other cutie, a little succulent. Also anyone else develop a weird fondness for plants recently?
Okay y'all i might need a bit of help deciding what I'm gonna do with inktober

So my plan is to attempt either every day or possibly posting 2 every other day idk but I am torn. I do like the official prompts for this year, but I recently found a super cute OTP inktober prompt list and I kinda wanna possibly combine them???

What would y'all think? Part of me feels that it might help me with branching out a bit more and get a bit more creative with the prompts maybe?? like for example; the combined 1st two prompts would be swift selfie so it could possibly be an otp taking a selfie on the run??? and that sounds super cute to me???  ( however if the prompts don't work combined i might do two pics for those days) so what do y'all think? Otp-inktober??? and tbh even if i fall off the bandwagon i'd probs finish the prompts because i legit love the idea but do y'all find that idea interesting??
I am bored and thus I'm retrying a super old meme so without farther a do; Y'all know the drill, a emote or more and a name of one or more of my ocs if you'd so wish to.
💤 OC in their sleep attire
🏄 OC in what they would wear to the beach/pool
👔 OC in what they would wear to a formal event (such as a wedding)
☠ OC in what they would wear to a funeral
👖 OC in what they would wear to a casual event (such as a birthday party)
👑 OC dressed as royalty
🚪 OC in what they wear when lounging around at home
💕 OC in what they would wear on a first date
❌ OC in something they would absolutely never wear
🎃 OC in a costume they’d wear for Halloween
🎄 OC in an ugly Christmas sweater
🚓 OC in a prison uniform
🚲 OC in athletic gear 
🐰 OC in a kigurumi of their favourite animal
❄ OC in what they’d wear on a very cold day
🔥 OC in what they’d wear on a very hot day
👕 OC in a T-shirt with something stupid printed on it (think Zazzle)
🎭 OC in another OC’s typical attire
👻 OC in a really bad disguise
📷 OC in a stereotypical tourist getup
🙎 OC in something embarrassing
👗 OC in something from the 50’s
💀 OC in goth/emo/scene attire
💃 OC in some radical 90’s clothes
🌁 OC in a hoodie
🌋 OC in camping or adventuring gear
♠️ OC in their armor (or in some sort of fantasy armor if not applicable to their story)
🎨 OC in a cartoon character’s outfit 
🏨 OC in a maid outfit
🏥 OC in a nurse uniform
                                                                    🐑 OC in farmer wear
                                                                        👍 OC in a crop top
Yup I decided to do this because why not. This'll probably be updated any time I come up with more stuff for the Kingdom so yeah.


The currency in Bath is known as Shells, small shell-shaped coins made from platinum, gold and bronze. Coins come in a variety of shapes to denote worth and value.



Sea Cow Milk: Milk that comes from a Sea Cow ( see species for more info). This milk has a higher sugar concentration than that of cows milk as well as a slightly thicker consistency. It is most commonly used in high end restaurants and is used in the making of soups, sauces, some rare ice creams and the occasional alcoholic drink. It is reported to taste, " Just like normal milk, why did I pay 40 shells for this?!'


Fizzle Fruit: This time of fruit is found commonly growing in bath and is a delight in any downpour. Named for the baby fizzes that are often found eating the sweet fruit in summer; this fruit is about the size of a grapefruit and tastes most often like sangria sans the alcohol. In rainstorms these fruit and the tree they come from fizz softly in the water and release their scent into the air, leaving the whole kingdom smelling faintly of the fruit. 

Pan Reeds: These large reeds grown in the shallows around the edges of bath and can grow to up to 25 feet in length. Most boats in bath are made from these bamboo like reeds due to how water resistant, light weight and strong they are. They also tend to be used as weapons and smaller reeds are made into instruments.


Architecture/ Buildings of Importance:

Roof Gardens/Coops: Since Bath is mainly located on the island, a lot of the produce and food that they eat is grown right in the city. Almost every roof in Bath contains a garden for growing fruits and veggies, a small coop of hens or ducks and a modest recreational area. The residents of the building care for their birds and produce and some even go father outside the box by keeping bees or even the Bath Ba- A breed of sheep-like creature that produces wool that looks like terry-cloth but feels similar to silk.


The Palace of Bath & Royal Bathhouse: This fairytale style Sandcastle is the crown jewel of Bath and home to the royal family and a plethora of staff. Filled with secret rooms, hidden passages and elegant sites the palace is a wonderland of mystery and beauty. However, this building isn't all mystery. After half of the castle is set aside as the Royal Bathhouse, the premier spa and relaxation headquarters of the kingdom. The RB is where visiting royals, nobility, aristocrats and others go to be pampered by the best of the best. All those employed in the Bathhouse are at the top of their fields, be it massage therapists, cosmetologists and everything in between. Each of the Bath Brood has a degree in at least one of field of expertise involved in the Bathhouse, Laurel's personal favorite being Massage.


Caffeine Oasis: Laurel's favorite little spot to people watch and feed her addiction, the Oasis is located in a refurbished clock tower that's located within a two minute walking distance from the palace. Due to the princess' regular visits and the high quality of their products the store is quite busy, however, there always seems to be just enough open spaces for a visitor to stop by and enjoy a cup. 

Rivers and Robes: A premier robe shop in Bath well known for their work with Tourism and for their high quality products. Their robes are unique in that the cloth used to make them is handwoven on site from a blend of Ba wool, cotton and silk, making said robes very luxurious.



Gale Cranes: Large intelligent birds about the size of a flamingo that deliver packages and letters in bath. They are intelligent enough to understand directions and have an uncanny knack for finding their way where ever they need to go. Most are accompanied always with a Losh Lamprin


Losh Lamprin: Lamprins are small lamprey-eques creatures that stand about a foot and a half tall. These beings have heads resembling their fishy counterparts and since they lack jaws communicate via screeching and sign language. Lamprins own the cranes and care for them as pets, caring for them when they return from missions and in general being very creepy and somewhat cute. Lamprins also have a taste for royal blood and it's considered a great honor among them for a royal to let a fry have a drop. They're also know to be mischievous, freaking out tourists just to watch them squirm.


Bath Ba: As previously mentioned the Bath Ba is a sheep-like species native to Bath that produces a wool that is very soft and breathable while looking like terry-cloth. These sheep stand about two feet tall and weigh about 50 pounds each. Due to their small size and their wonderful wool to size ratio they are very commonly found in Bath.


Sea Cows: Despite what one might thin, these are not manatees, but instead are medium-sized mammals found in the shallows of Bath. Due to their docile nature and selective breeding this species produces an excess of its milk that special  divers are trained to collect. While most milk in Bath is imported from the mainland, this Sea Cow Milk is used in some high end restaurants. ( For notes on Flavor see the Food Portion above)



Travel is bath is done mainly via walking, biking or boating. About half of the boats in bath are gondolas/glass bottom boats. Laurel has a personal gondola that she is brought out in on days she is called into help lead festivals.



Bath Bombs: Used only in military situations is the Bath Bomb, a small explosive that looks like any ordinary bath fizz. However when this explosive comes in contact with water it detonates, like a combination fog bomb and flash bang. These bombs are often found in Sorority and Fraternity care; but some higher members of the Bath Police force hare allotted a handful of them.


Incense arrows: Another form of nonlethal take down, these arrows are named for the strong, scents stored in the bulb that explode on contact with the ground. The scents within are designed to release sleep hormones as well as be slightly dizzying.  


Jelly Whips: These thick whips are formed by braiding leather cords made from a type of Jellyfish that lives at the bottom of the springs. This weapon takes a careful hand and precision to use as the stingers are kept active. These whips leave burning gashes and often leave deep scars. Ross has many scars from whips such as these.


Bottled Hair: In Bath, when hair is cut from a fizzy's head it will turn to it's base state; normally lotion, foam or oil. This cut hair is often bottled and sold due to it's great nourishing properties and due to the fact it holds scent better and requires less of it for most jobs.

And so I wanna do this thing:…

however there are a couple of rules.

1. Please request ships I'm familiar with. If i'm not familiar it probs won't get done sorry ^^;

2. It doesn't just have to be romantic. Friendships, Rivalries, enemies etc are all welcome

3. They will be short. Probs 3-5 sentences because i can but ye I am bored and wanna write.
I want to do the age meme, but I'm not sure who to do first so here are the options for the first one:


Whomever gets chosen will have a bit of backstory explanation if they haven't before hand. ^^
So it's officially summer for me and it's a rather slow night and i'm really hankering some character development. All of my babies need friends, rivals, enemies...basically relationships that aren't necessarily romantic. So is anyone up for a little headcanoning or the like? As far as I can think and of my kiddos are open for this ^^
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The Rules:
"Basically you list...5 Unpopular Opinions and that's it.
Now of course this is all OPINIONS So please don't get upset...Anyway...HERE WE GO..."


1. I have a legitimate love of romantic comedies. I'm a hopeless romantic and love most of them. I don't like the hallmark romcoms but I love most others.

2. I don't really get the whole pick a side comic book argument. I can like DC and Marvel and also think that both of them have some serious problems at times. I love them both so stop trying to make me pick.

3. I slightly prefer head  canons. Don't get me wrong I like rps but I head canon a lot more.

4. I don't really like sushi…don't get me wrong…It's just that most of it is too large to fit in my mouth in one bite and the texture of the rice doesn't really get along with me.

5. I don't hate country music. I know I know, it's not the best thing in the world but it's a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine.

I tag no one because I'm lazy

1. Please post these rules!
2. Post 8 facts about your character!
3. Tag 8 other characters, list their names and their creators!
4. Tag-backs are fine!

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C-J: Application: Hisoka by bluestarproduction

1. Hisoka takes his physical fitness very seriously. For him it's mostly a mobility thing, when he's fit it's easier for him to get himself places he wants to be but if he's honest, there's a touch of his own personal vanity involved.

2. He loves to flirt but is completely helpless and kind of scared if you turn the tables. The boy's only had a handful of girlfriends in his life and he still doesn't quite understand how that even happened. He has many many embarrassing stories about this subject and has decided that the only two things he knows about girls is that they're cute and he doesn't understand them

3. He can't stand the scent of most insect repellents and they tend to make him a little nauseous.

4. He has a stuffed animal on his bed. It was a gift from a childhood friend and he doesn't have the heart to get rid of it. It's shaped like a little candy bird and it just makes him happy. Legit if you want to melt his heart get him a stuffed toy, he loves them even if he won't admit it

5. He can do hand-stands in his crutches. He's really mobile so he often takes time to learn to do stupid stunt tricks with them.

6. He purrs. It's not quiet or small or sweet, it's loud and rumbling and you feel it in your bones if you hug him while he's purring.

7. This nerd collects ties and tie pins. He has them all organized by color and pattern.

8. He gets kind of frustrated when he thinks people are ignoring him. If he's close with you, he combats this by slowly pressing his face against your arm and staying like that until you acknowledge him. His record for this is two hours.

I tag:

:iconecurt: CJ App: WIP by ECURTTell me about her please

:iconbanannumon: she's such a cute peep I cant

:iconcolorlessprism: Candy Jarr App: Leigh by ColorlessPrism tell me about this beautiful man

:iconhawifi: Either Logan or Priscilla because yes

:iconlittlemisspeachy: (CJ) Vienna (revamped) by LittleMissPeachy or Natanael by LittleMissPeachy tell me about the presh mallow cat or the sweet jelly son plz

:iconrhemechan:<da:thumb id="673893906"/> I need more information on this cutie in my life

:iconcheshireqtea: C-J: Kit Katt by CheshireQtea Becuase who doesn't need more Kit Katt facts in their life?

Is any one up for headcanoning? I'm bored
I have a real desire to draw my ocs, but I'm currently lacking inspiration so who would y'all like to see more of? Bath brood? Card Pack? Revamps of old ocs? More Arron Stuff? Mynta being Mynta? I really want to draw them, but who do y'all want to see?
I'm sick at home and bored. Does anyone have any cool memes to share that I can laugh at or some fun prompts for me to write about? I can't guaranty they'll get done because, like sleep and stuff, but yeah, please save me from my boredom.

I wanna be at work but there's severe weather and I'm sick so I can't go work in the nursery like I was supposed to and now I'm just pouting in a nest under the stairs. Thus are the many turns of life.