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What's the Diff? by bluestarproduction What's the Diff? by bluestarproduction
So let's talk about how Bath Fizzies and Aloe Tribe Fizzies differ, using Princess Laurel and her cousin Mariposa as our examples.

Bath fizzies, in general are taller. Most Aloe tribe fizzes don't grow taller than five foot six( and most of them chill at around five foot two), while bath fizzies can get taller. Laurel here is five foot three and Mariposa, who's actually a year older than laurel is four foot eleven.

Aloe fizzy skin is always rough and sandy feeling, no matter how wet it gets. A Bath fizzy's skin, when hydrated feels more like human skin, but a little bit powdery. Aloe Fizzies naturally have bumpy ridges and spikes on their faces. Bath Fizzies do not have such features.

Aloe Fizzies do not lose their tails like Bath Fizzies do and said tails act much like a camel's humps. Their tails also lack the fins a young Bath Fizzy tail has. They also do not lose their finger webbing like a Bath Fizzy does. However, a Bath fizzy's gill slits are much more visable than an Aloe Fizzy's.

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April 8, 2016
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