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Laurel gasped, a hot blush creeping onto her cheeks. As his hand lifted the veil of hair from over her right eye, the princess fought desperately to gain control, to be able to look at him like a normal person. Never since her childhood had she wanted so badly to have normal eyes. Part of her wanted to run, to cover the darn eye and pretend like this had never happened, but deep down, she knew that if this was to go any where, a foundation of trust had to be established...even if it seems scary. As both a fraction of a second and a thousand years passed, she felt him tuck the final strands of her white bangs behind her ear, bringing her right eye to the light of day.

She expected silence. It was always silence when someone first saw it. There would be a long awkward silence, a polite excuse, they'd disappear and she'd never see them again. Every tutor, every new nanny and every potential suitor's reaction returned to her mind, the pain from each hitting her again full force. She felt tears form in her eyes, waiting for the rejection or jokes that always came. Ready to put on a brave face and take what ever unintended insults flew her way. She waited for the good bye, but it didn't come. She looked up at him, worry and confusion filling her eyes as she attempted to read him. He was harder than most, always just out of reach for her to fully guess what he was thinking.

The worry in the back of her mind nagged, ' He hates them like everyone else. You should have never let him see them.' Anxiety knotted in her belly, what if that voice was right? It never hurt this much to be rejected. She was used to it by now, but the idea that he might reject her too stung worse than any other. ' Foolish child, how could you think someone as perfect as him would understand this?' The voice chastised. But still, deep in her gut, she felt that maybe, just maybe he would.

“ y-You hate them don't you?” She said, her voice barely above a whisper, hot tears spilling onto her cheeks making the skin fizzle softly. She feared this prolonged silence, she feared his response, but she feared not knowing even more. Just as it felt like she would never get her answer, a gentle hand took her cheek, wiping the tears away with a thumb.

She looked back up, worried and hopeful that maybe this could really be happening. He smiled softly at her, “ Of course I love them, Lauri. They're yours.” And in that moment, as a watery smile filled her face, Laurel realized that maybe, just maybe, her eyes were beautiful after all.
Did you ask for Laurel fluff? Well neither did I but we now have it so that's life, right? This is a What if; which means it hasn't happened and might not. Who is this mysterious he? I have no idea, but this was fun to write, and it gives me fluff feels. I really love fluff feels, so so much. Also hands, I really hate drawing them. I don't really know how to categorize this so pardon me if it's in the wrong place. ^^;

Laurel, art and writing belong to me.
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