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Swan Citizen Contest Entry: Aimee Therese Belrose by bluestarproduction Swan Citizen Contest Entry: Aimee Therese Belrose by bluestarproduction

Name: Aimee  Thérèse Belrose

Age: 27

Gender: Female (Pen)

Height: 5' 10 ½ "

Weight: 175 lbs.

Build: Aimee's job requires for her to be in good shape, lifting heavy barrels and pushing carts would make any girl look a tad less feminine. Aimee doesn't mind her broad shoulders and arms, all the better to carry around her siblings. She is slightly curvy, rather tall and strong for a pen.

Species: Mute swan

Orientation: Grey-romantic  Heterosexual

Nationality: French

Status:  Single,  but not ready to mingle

Occupation: Gardener/ Grape Harvester (September through October)

Family: Maria  Cosette Belrose, Jacques Belrose(deceased), Dominic Belrose(MIA), Raphaëlle Célestine  Belrose,  Océane Simone Belrose,  Ferdinand Belrose, Joelle Renée  Belrose, Mireille  Christelle Belrose

Residence: Swan Kingdom

Biography:  Aimee was born to a woman on the low class end of swan society. Her family had worked for generations for one of the wealthier, wine-making families. Her mother, veered off this path in her youth, having studied to be a midwife, but when she was around Aimee's age she returned to the vineyard and settled down with the son of an another family of harvesters. They had seven children, and after that the man died.  At the time of Her father's passing, Aimee was around 13 and her older brother was 18. He left to find his fortune and they guess he found it because they haven't seen him since. After he left it was up to Aimee to help take care of the family. She worked longer hours, she got strong with the extra work that she piled on to help her family get by. When she turned 18 she was offered a job, as a gardener, which paid more than she got in every season, but the harvest, so she made a deal with her employer that she would work every season but fall, when she would go home and help with the harvest. She still lives in the low class end of the kingdom, as she only keeps enough money to get by, sending the rest home to her family.

Likes:  Her family, working hard, watching artists/ dancers work(she's always been jealous of people who have talent in the arts and people without larger flippers for feet) Window shopping,  walking the streets in the evening,  Spending time with her siblings, gliding in the rain(Her wings aren't big enough to support full out flight, but she likes to glide every once and a while) The feeling one gets when they're working in a garden,  Fancy clothes(though this could fall under window shopping)

Dislikes:  Her flippers, people who flaunt wealth, hot days, drawing attention to herself,  people who look down on others,  When people mistake her for her sibling's mom (easiest way to get her flustered)  Self pity

Personality:  Aimee is remarkably stubborn(She won't take anything she doesn’t feel like she's earned, has a hard time letting others help her),  Normally she's mature, level-headed,  diligent, honest and pretty caring. But she also  has a short temper for people who won't be true to themselves and  in all honesty she's really untrusting of people.  She also is a no nonsense kind of person outwardly, but if you break through her shell you'll find that on the inside, she longs for the childhood she didn't get to have. When you gt her mad she's rather sarcastic and snarky. Rather competitive, has a hard time backing down from a challenge(even if she knows she can't win)


She speaks English and french.

She had little schooling and while she's not illiterate,  She reads slowly, and kind of awkwardly, stumbling over larger words. Her penmanship looks like chicken-scratch and while she's good at math no one can ever read what she's written down.

While not very book smart, Aimee is very good with memory.

Since she has a hard time reading, she tells her sibling stories, and while they aren't the best they are pretty good.

Her laugh is somewhat loud and sounds like honking(she's really embarrassed about it)

She had a bad habit of over-working herself, but she's getting better about it.

She goes home every other weekend to visit her mother and siblings.

She has 2 brothers and four sisters, only her brother Dominic is older than her.

Of her siblings, only three of them are harpies like her. She's never admit it, but these three are her favorite.

The reason one of her flippers looks off is because when sh was younger she tried to bind them so that they wouldn't be so big, it almost broke her flipper and she vowed never to do so again.

Even though she worked at a vineyard for most of her life, she's never tasted wine.

She's a Pescatarian, or at least she claims to be.

If she where honest with her self, she really wishes that she wasn't born the way she is because she really wanted to be a dancer before her dad died.

She's allergic to peanuts, and found this out the hard way.

Voice: Christina Larson
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aycicegiii Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013

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bluestarproduction Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm glad to like her!

She was tons of fun to make ^^
aycicegiii Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013
;m; she so great omfg now i can love aimee and goldie and have all the feels dkjbjdjhbdkjf]]
bluestarproduction Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Woot Woot! All the feels!
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