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Squid Kids: Lanti and Ely by bluestarproduction Squid Kids: Lanti and Ely by bluestarproduction
Here they are in fabulous color and not in their turf war clothes( It's my pink team so I felt alternate outfits would fit their personalities). I had to edit it some in my photo app because the scanner removed a lot of the boldness from their coloration but I'm rather pleased at how they turned out.  And to better clear up the whole fear of water that Lanti has, she's alright around it if their are active spawn points( though she;d rather stay as far from it as possible) it's only outside of battle that large bodies of water really scare her.

And the fun little fact I'll share here about Ely is that he keeps his tentacles longer than most guys for a reason. He and Bell have a habit of casually holding tentacles/petting each other's tentacles when their worried/anxious/bored and so he keeps his longer so that he doesn't have to take them down all the time.

Don and Bell will be posted some time today. ^^

Lanti and Ely belong to me

Splatoon belongs to Nintendo

And I'd like to extend a massive thank you to TamarinFrog  for her awesome tutorial on how she draws inklings, it really helped me to understand inking expressions more. Honestly its super helpful searching-for-bananaflies.tumb…
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September 18, 2015
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