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Splatoon OCs: Pink Team Intro( wip) by bluestarproduction Splatoon OCs: Pink Team Intro( wip) by bluestarproduction
Hey lovelies I am still in the pits of the squid pit, but I'm still pretty pleased( these dorks have filled up most of a sketch pad send help). This is taking way too long to get fully done so have a wip of the squid kids who've taken over my life; Lanti, Don, Bell and Ely; aka, the Pink Team( they aren't as high ranking as other teams and see the game as a game and mostly play for fun. They don't have a strict plan but they're having fun and that's really what matters). I'll update this once it's fully finished, but for now have some info:

Lanti ( age range 16-17, Rank: C) - Lanti had always been a huge fan of turf was but up until recently had never taken part in them. While quite the noob she's determined to learn from her teammates and become a great player like them. She's still pretty partial to the splattershot jr she got when she first started playing and she's got her heart set on mastering it before trying another weapon( Plus it's OP as anything and the poor dear needs all the help she can get). Lanti thinks her teammates are the best, if not in rank then in kindness and wants to prove to them that teaching her the game wasn't a mistake. Lanti is a pretty big fan of cute and is rather partial to her squid form because of this, and even in her human form she takes great pains to keep her idea squid-like adorableness shining through and outside of turf wars it's not uncommon to see her walking about in poofy sea themed outfits and nautical bracelets( she's also big into fashion and adores getting to talk freshness with people). Ironically she's pretty scared of water{ Due to an incident during her itty bitty years that involved her older brother and an unofficial turf war league( Let's just say that most inklings involved had to be fished out of the water and taken to the hospital, Lanti included, not very 'woomy')} She also has a crush on Angelo.

Chelidon( age range 17-18, Rank: A ) - Prefers to be called 'Don', he's the leader of the team as well as the oldest. While being an actual pacifist outside of matches, Don's a master at what he does, and what he does is speed, perfect for his favored weapon, the inkbrush. He's tall and fast, and his mind works almost as fast as that mouth of his. Don loves speed and directs this pink team accordingly, giving quick orders and making fast decisions, which occasionally leads to confusion when a teammate can't think as fast as him. Because of this, their team's not very high ranked, but they all have fun and enjoy hanging out so they don't quite mind. Don's smart mouth occasionally gets him in a bit of trouble, but with his quick feet, he manages to avoid most scraps. Outside of Turf Wars he works part-time as a barista and is finishing up high school. Don imagines himself a bad boy greaser that's too cool for school, despite the fact he follows every single rule( like legit the poor boy won't even j-walk) and would never hurt anyone if he could help it( He especially has a soft spot for sad people and will bend over backwards to help them in any way possible). Don's dream job is to become a chef and often brings bento boxes for his team to have for lunch when their all together. He has two younger sisters and an older brother.

Bellina(just turned 16-17, rank: B)- Bell is a rather offensive player, as turf wars is where she lets off steam. Her favorite weapon is the 52 Gal, and for good reason, Bell loves to get up close and personal during turf wars. She's self-assured, confident and knowing that you've got an eye in the sky watching your back helps too. Bell often brings gifts to give to the other teams after they play as a way of saying thanks for the fun and no hard feelings. She is the youngest on their team by six months and is the only child in her family. Bell is hoping to find a job soon, but find most of them don't fit well to her busy schedule or her creativity. Bell's mother, Para is a sailor and thus is often very far from home. Bell sees her mother once every few weeks during the fishing season when Para's ship heads into port to drop of wounded sailors. Para's dream was to be a professional dancer and Bell in turn has taken that as her dream too.

Ely (16-17, rank: A+)- Bell's best friend and her protector. His motto, speak softly and carry massive weapons ( But that doesn't mean that he's got nothing to say). While he is arguably the best player on the team, he's happy to give the role of leadership to Don, due to the fact that most people can't actually hear him when he talks. Ely and Bell are a force to be reconed with on the battlefield, having known each other for so long, they tend to concoct plans together while forgetting that not everyone on the team knows the plan with just a smile and wink. His weapon of choice is the Kelp Splattershot, being able to keep an eye out for his friends without having to be down in the action as much. While his teammates wholeheartedly believe he could go pro one day, Ely says it's not for him. His dream is to become a doctor like his parents and really only does turf wars because they allow time to hang out with his friends. Outside of matches he can normally be found hanging out with Bell and “inkling watching” in the plaza. He is the second youngest. He has two siblings; twins who are still itty bitty squidies. He is also the only member on the team without head gear. The poor squid's terrified of Moe and thus refuses to even enter Cooler Heads.

Sorry for the really long post guys ^^;

Don, Lanti, Bell and Ely are mine
Splatoon belongs to nintendo

And finally I'd like to thank TamarinFrog again for bringing me into the fandom and she owns Angelo ^^
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