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Sketch: The Card Pack by bluestarproduction Sketch: The Card Pack by bluestarproduction
" Alright dears, Auntie Xy came over and she, Misuser Emeth and I made pies. "

Cue various loud and excited screams and screeches.

This was inspired by this (Draw the squad )awesome meme ( a huge thanks to :iconvallouh: for such a cool meme)

These are just the current officially adopted Card pack members that belong to me. Alice is always adding to this bunch, temporarily or permanently, officially or just in spirit, anybody can find family and love with the Carroll's. Alice physically can't have children, but she loves each of her babies as if they were her own.


Mynta  age 18- Centaur. Mynta was abandoned by her herd and taken in by a farm. Due to her rather violent nature she was locked in the silo and kept from people and horse for their safety. After Alice treated the farmhands whom Mynta attacked, she found the little mare and took a liking to her almost immediately. Alice bought Mynta from the farm, brought her home and raised her along side Julia. When Mynta turned sixteen Alice handed her, her papers, letting Mytna legally own herself. Mynta does not and will never consider Alice her mother, but if Mynta's honest, she loves Alice more than she'll ever love her birth herd. Mynta refers to Alice almost exclusively in paper related insults, but on occasion calls her by her name.


Aki Age 16 - Kintsugi humanoid. Orphaned after an accident in the pottery kingdom. Aki was from a rather well off family in the pottery kingdom until an earthquake left him orphaned at the age of 12. Aki was adopted when Alice came to the kingdom to help with disaster relief. After Alice helped fix him up, the rather bratty young boy refused to leave her side, and when it came time for Alice to leave, he insisted that he come with her, in his own words, " to make sure that no ruffians stop her carriage." When Alice tried to get him to head back afterwards, he confided that he had no one left and Alice filled out the necessary forms to adopt him.  Refers to Alice as " Miss Alice", " Miss Carroll" or " Mother"


Huang Age15-  Qilin humanoid. Ex pickpocket. He met Alice when he tried to steal from her and almost got arrested for it. Alice refused to press charges on the condition that he seek help for his problems. Huang officially became part of the family when he asked for Alice to step in as his foster mom, and Alice happily accepted. Huang still struggles with anxiety over how to take care of himself and how to handle his kleptomaniacal tendencies, but he works very hard to keep his brother and adoptive sisters in line. Huang calls Alice " Mother", "Mom" or " Miss Alice"


Balfour Age 15 -Cockatrice humanoid. Former Forest Menace. Balfour's a rather happy little lady, the only problem being her petrifying stare and a rather sharp fangs. She caused a good deal of panic in the forest, turning folks to stone and dragging them off into her cave. Alice and Xylia ventured into the forest to find the cause of the missing people and ended up finding Bal desperately trying to fix her mistake. The poor girl had been working for years to try and reverse her gaze, having turned her own mother to stone and accidentally shattering her. With the help of Xylia, Alice was able to free most of those who'd been petrified and promising to help Bal with her powers. Bal now lives with Alice, hoping for a day when she can use her "gift" for good. Bal's nickname for Alice is " Fae Mother" or " Clubs"


Julia Age 8- Orange Julius humanoid. Alice's first taken in and the youngest among them all. Julia doesn't know who her birth parents are, and honestly doesn't care. She's got Momma, Auntie and all her siblings, and really that's all the family she needs. She just calls Alice " Mama"


Cookienumster Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2016
All these precious children
Just trying to get pieeeeee <3
bluestarproduction Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! ^^
They love sweets and treats, thank God Alice and Xylia prepared more than one.
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