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Sketch: And I'll Sing You to Sleep by bluestarproduction Sketch: And I'll Sing You to Sleep by bluestarproduction

 I like drawing Mynta happy and while as a young mare, Mynta teased Alice constantly about how much the doll loved her babies, Mynta loves her own just as much. Mynta's babies are spoiled rotten and if it weren't for great aunt Xylia they'd be the worst brats you'd ever meet. Elaine is a sweet looking girl with a taste for scaring the crap out of anyone she meets( and blood but that's not important, right?). June is about six months in this pictures and is quiet the little sweetheart, even if he does tend to sleep with his eyes open. Mynta's little ones are both really afraid of thunder ( Mum-nta blames their fathers for this, since she loves thunder) and so on stormy nights, Elaine tends to join little Juney to hang to with mama. Mynta of course picked up a few lullabies for just the occasion.


And yes, both of Mynta's kids turned out at least a bit creepy, but hey, that seemed fitting.

The song she's singing/ I drew this too can be found here :…

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August 25, 2016
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