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Robe tie pt1 by bluestarproduction Robe tie pt1 by bluestarproduction
So I'm finally getting around to explain some robe ties/styles in Bath. This is a little wonky cause I'm sleepy but I might make a part two some time

1 Standard robe tie, most common type found in bath. It says basically nothing about status or position so it's common for foreigners as well as citizens

2 Work tie 1, a common variant of the standard, but more often found in kitchen work or any general indoor work requiring full use of hands. This tie tends to indicate a citizen is of the working class, but can be found in nobles and even royals if they get their hands dirty. More often than not a citizen with this variant is making the statement of, " I work for a living but I'm classy when I do it."

3 Work tie 2, a less common variant more often found in bath houses or work that requires being around large quantities of water that might ruin the robe. This tie uses specially added strings to tie the bottom of the robe into a slightly poofy roll at the bottom. It says, " I work around water and am careful about how I do such things. "

4 Loose tie, a tie only used in company of close friends and is considered to imply a level of familiarity with  the wearer and other present parties. When a robe is worn like this, it almost always has clothing under it, most commonly shorts and a loos tank top. It says, " We are close enough to disregard social conventions…or I'm too sleepy to put my clothes on properly."

5 Loose tie 1, a variant on the loose tie and almost never found in public. If found in public the wearer is most likely a deviant or a bratty noble that thinks the rules don't apply to them. Depending on stride this a can also mean, " I lost my belt and haven't had the time to find it or the ability to replace it. "

6 Work tie 3, this tie is worn almost exclusively at the docks, or in the royal bath house and even then only in summer. It is worn when the weather is too hot too accept full coverage and normally has a tank or crop top on top. Citizens in this tie are working and working hard.

7 Half mom tie, this tie is created by tying one sleeve of the robe into the belt in the back. This tie is most often wore by new mothers amongst the upper class and royalty of Bath. It makes sling-wear in a robe easier and makes kangaroo wrapping easier for the momma on the go.

8 Full mom tie, this is the half tie at its logical conclusion. The arms of the robe are tied at the waist and a sling is worn. Please note; dads can and will wear mom tie as well if they're particularly involved in kangaroo care or desire to jump start parental bonding with their itty bitty.

9 Bath Royal tie. This is this standard tie for any member of the royal household when robes are needed for a royal meeting. The butlers and maids that care for the royals take great care in making sure each seem is folded properly and the outfit looks perfect. It is seen very very rarely. It says, " I am in charge here."

10 Visiting Dignitary ( female presenting) This is the standand tie for visiting female nobility. Essentially it tells citizens of Bath that this lady is important and expected to be in the company of a royal of bath. If not, it is considered obligation of  a citizen to check up on her and if need be, guide her to the palace.

11 Visiting Dignitary ( male presenting) Basically the same as 10 but for guys

12 Matron tie, this tie normally dictates that the wearer is a slightly older person( despite the name it is a unisex tie), most likely involved with the care and keeping of those less fortunate or with public service. The service can range anywhere from the care of orphans and the elderly to a librarian but most older public servants wear these robes. It was considered high fashion in an age past and these helpful dears might have a bit of a hard time letting go of some aspects of the past.

13 Maid/Gentleman of Robes tie, the official tie for royal maids, companions and other servants and stewards of the crown. It is the uniform of the palace staff ( however it is not the uniform of the Royal Bathhouse). Those who wear this tie work in very close proximity to the Bath Brood, normally as personal attendants and work hard to keep the royals happy. As a rule of thumb, if one sees a citizen of Bath in a tie like this and they are running, get out their way, they will bowl you over and not stop.

14 Apron Tie. Basically a standard tie with an added apron. That forms a bow around the back of the belt. This tie is used almost exclusively in food handling jobs in Bath.

15 & 16  Wanderer tie and Lily tie, These two tend to be popular with wealthier teens in Bath.

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