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Princi and Selah the Lionheart by bluestarproduction Princi and Selah the Lionheart by bluestarproduction

Happy Mother's Day! Yes I know I'm super early but I have a bad habit of making things for holidays and forgetting to post them. I really wanted this year to include a really happy pic and thus we have little Lauri and her governess Selah singing to each other. I was listening to the song " King and Lionheart" while drawing this and found that it was pretty easy to imagine Selah singing it to Laurel, telling her of the few adventures she and Fitz went one when they were in their late teens and in general being super cute. Of course little Laurel's favorite part is getting to make the animal noises. Laurel's about six in this picture, and Selah's in her early twenties. Selah was also very glad when Laurel got out of her jewelry pulling phase so she could wear her piercings again


So happy(early) Mother's Day, to all the moms, or good maternal figures in our lives.

King and Lionheart the song belongs to Monsters and Men

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April 23, 2016
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